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30 Days of Television-Day 28

Ganked from sandrine.

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Day 28 - First tv show obsession

It might have been Star Trek, but that was an inherited obsession, so I'm going with the first show I remember finding on my own and being obsessed with outside of any support or encouragement from my mother.


I was utterly and completely obsessed with Robert Urich as Dan Tanna. I think I shipped with him Beatrice (the "smart one") but assumed he was schtupping Angie (the "dumb one".) He was my first totally self-selected male sex object. I had the poster of him and the t-bird over my bed for at least the two years the show was on and maybe later...probably only replaced when my (OMG THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING)..Don Johnson/Miami Vice obsession came along.

I was so in love with Robert Urich during this period...and it never carried to any of his projects afterwards. I didn't watch Spenser For Hire at all. No reason why...there was something about Dan and the T-bird and the look and that Aaron Spelling glitz that was cat-nip for my 14 year old self.
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