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30 Days of Television-Day 29

Ganked from sandrine.

Master list HERE

Day 29 - Current tv show obsession

It's still the same two answers, House MD & Torchwood/Dr. Who, for the same reasons that have come up continually in the course of the meme and in the 6 years I've been watching House and the 4 or so that I've been watching Who and Torchwood.

In both of these cases, it needs to be noted that obsession is not an altogether pleasant experience and in both cases, there's plenty of pain involved, either as a result of the TPTB treating characters and relationships in ways that seem to violate what we were given in the original set-ups or my fellow fans choosing not to see what is there and creating rubbish to fuel their own fantasies.

So I'm happily obsessed with the witty brilliance of Greg House and his relationship with James Wilson, which is capable of bringing him occasional moments of pleasure punctuated with hours/days/weeks and months of emotional pain, and I'm obsessed with the character of Captain Jack Harkness, omni-sexual, poly-amorous, and a bastard, who is NEVER going to love anyone as much as the Doctor and will screw anyone and anything regardless of who or what else might think they have an emotional hold on him.

Those are the shows/characters I am obsessed and will continue to fight for in babble, meta, and fic.

Fighting the good fight, because someone has to!
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