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Went to the gym this morning

Not a great work out. I went to the 24 Hour Fitness up on Potrero Hill and the BOSU ball there was kind of squishy. So instead of some of the core exercises I like to do with the BOSU, I went down to the cardio room and did 1/2 hour on one of the machines. Better than nothing. Yesterday was my first day with no binging and no sugar in a long time.

I did a shit-load of errands in the morning, including giving the money to Psycho-sis. I also got my pills and picked up a bunch of fruits and veggies at Safeway. Along the way, I stopped at Medium Rare Records, which is the only record store in SF that regularly has Barrowman in the front window. I talked about John for awhile and bought a few CD's to thank them for supporting him.

Then came home and watched a bunch of Dr. Who DVDs with the First Doctor. I gotta say it's wasn't great stuff, but the extras had great featurettes about how the show started, which was more interesting to me than the show itself. Sorry, William Hartnell, just not my cup of java. But I am looking forward to seeing some of the 2nd Doctor. We also watched Pyramids of Mars the other night and Tom Baker is always fun to watch.

Watched the Dr. Who episode, which I'll babble about in a bit.

I'm planning to post my dark!Jeeves epic tonight. I've been working on it for 3 1/2 years. Literally. I wrote the first words on January 1, 2007. I started it in such a state of anger and hurt at certain people who I'd thought were my friends in the fandom. Presumably those people know who they are and what they've done...or maybe they still have no idea. Wouldn't surprise me actually. In any case, I think the work will stand on its own, because it definitely transcended the original impulse.

Thanks to every single person who listened to me kvetch, whinge, whine etc about it over the last 3 1/2 years and especially to beta_goddess. She had to come down pretty hard on certain aspects of the characterization and make me do some fairly extreme revisions. She was totally right, of course.

It's one of the biggest pieces of fanfic I've ever written and finally letting go of it is both cathartic and worrisome, simply because I know it might not be very popular. Jeeves & Wooster is one of the fluffiest fandoms, and you can't really argue with the inherent fluff in the canon...unless you do what I do in this story and look at the ugliness under the glossy facade.

I'm promising myself I will not have a comment whore melt-down if the subject matter/length are off-putting and it just kind of sits there.

Off to Karaoke soon...probably watch some more White Collar tonight. I'm developing my own fanon/back-story for the character there. Not sure how much will be Jossed, but let's say I think my mmom drabble, written essentially in the dark, may have been truer than I thought when I actually wrote it.

Hubby's feeling a little better. Thanks to everybody who sent emails. (He feels a little like I'm bringing friends over for play-dates, but that's better than him feeling all isolated.)
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