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30 Days of Television-Day 30


Ganked from sandrine.

Master list HERE

Day 30 - Saddest character death

Before I get to the "winner," which I think should be a pretty obvious one, I want to put in a mention of a runner up, although maybe it would be more "most shocking" than saddest, and it turned out to be a fake.

I'm not sure the exact year, I'm guessing it was sometime in 1982, at the very end of an episode of Hill Street Blues, Howard Hunter said "mother forgive me," and proceeded to blow his brains out.

And I called up bff Jen and we both screamed our heads off. We absolutely believed that the character had in fact killed himself. The next week it turned he hadn't. (One of the other characters had replaced his bullets with blanks...of course in light of what happened with Jon Eric Hexum, that probably wouldn't have helped much, but anyway.)

Anyway---that was the last time I ever fell for an on-camera suicide or shooting. Now my default position is..."Not really dead." (Of course sometimes they are, so I'm sometimes dead wrong, but at least I don't grieve or freak out, over a fake-out.)

And the saddest character death ever....

The reason I had no trouble believing that Howard Hunter had in fact blown his brains out....

Henry Blake-M*A*S*H

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