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Continuing the awesomeness with a pimp post....

ppth_support The Unusual Suspects is back with the 3rd Season of House MD. We're looking for stories or even fanart about the supporting characters and guest stars. This week we have the Drabble challenge for Meaning


Some mmom pimpage for the lovely ebineez01, who wrote a bunch of wonderful Torchwood/Dr. Who wank-fics, mostly about Jack, but also a great Tosh piece as well. Her Jack is impeccably real!Jack and fics include appearance by Gwen, Owen, The Doctor, Alonso, Algy (yay ALGY!!!) and Donna. She even wrote an awesome little Life on Mars ficlet.

Check out all her MMOM FICS right here.


RPS-Zach Quinto/Chris Pine

A Place For Me In Your Heart by babykid528.

A bit of angst, but mostly fun and fluff. Nice use of texting and email to convey the narrative. Also...check out Chris' secret notebook...includes allusions to Jane Austin.


Torchwood/Dr. Who

That I Might Fly Away Where the Ships by shane_mayhem

Gut-wrenching, but exquisitely beautiful Jack/Jack fic, reminding us all once again, how much love and passion and intensity there was in that short relationship, and how much they really were "meant for each other" even if it could never be.

Dorian by kalichan.

I'm a little leery of many Jack/Historical figure stories, but Jack and Oscar Wilde are such a perfect combination and kalichan does a brilliant job creating both a believable young Wilde and a very good real!Jack, who has very few compunctions, but occasionally restrains himself, mostly because of his Doctor obsession. Good stuff.


Stargate/Rachel Maddow

The Interview by geoncannon.

I'm not really a Stargate person, but this is a wonderful mixture of fiction and "reality" as Samantha Carter does an interview with our favorite geek/newsbabe.
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