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Glee-babble for Funk

Sorry, Will. After NPH's performance with Sue Sylvester, the idea of you raising any kind of heat is pretty ludicrous and that rendition of "Tell Me Something Good" accomplished NOTHING sexually to moi (even if Sue went for it), and the plot really did make you look like the jerk I've kind of thought you were ever since you blackmailed Finn into joining Glee.

I know I'm being manipulated into liking Quinn, but it's definitely working and I really do love the Quinn/Mercedes friendship. (And wouldn't mind a bit of femslash there either.)

I'm really glad that there was virtually no Finn/Kurt interaction on screen. Kurt (relative to Finn) is kind of dead me following Theatricality, so I need a little time off to get over how much that pissed me off.

Oh Terry! I do like Terry, presumably because I'm usually being manipulated to hate her, and I don't like being told who I should love & hate. Also, they definitely did the divorce scene in such a way that it was pretty clear Will was NOT over her or vice versa.

Rachel! RACHELRACHELRACHEL! I hate watching Rachel because I was a Rachel, only without the talent. So when she gets egged...I feel it and I hate feeling it.

If Vocal Adrenaline can get funked out over that performance...then they deserve to get beaten anyway. And when the "funkiest" performance in the episode was actually Quinns...something is very wrong.
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