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Who-babble for Vincent and the Doctor

First a few words from Hubby, who it should be known is generally unlikely to offer any opinions more cogent than "I liked it. It was good." or "That sucked."

After we watched the episode, he told that while he liked the episode, he thought the monster felt extremely tacked on and not developed as well as the the aliens in The Unquiet Dead, The Shakespeare Code and The Wasp and the Unicorn were. He also really disliked the concept of "blind, invisible, dino-chicken." He says it just felt like they wanted to a Van Gogh episode and came up the monster without putting much thought into it.

And as for me...it was very much like a Richard Curtis movie, in that I complete fell for it while I was watching and starting picking holes in the plot once the lights went up and my brain kicked in. (This does not apply to Four Weddings and A Funeral-I love that unconditionally.)

I'm still not clear on WHY Vincent could see the monster when nobody else could. Was it a function of his mental illness or just because he was so very special in other ways? (I'm not crazy about either answer.)

I loved Tony Curran's Vincent (and after the Confidential, I'm pretty much in love Tony Curran as well. That boy cleans up real nice.) Even as Vincent, I thought he was hot. Maybe I'm just a sucker for a Glaswegian accent.

I loved his interaction with the Doctor and Amy and once again I love the Doctor and Amy together. I liked his concern for her and the "Rory" slip-up.

About the ending...I could have lived without the pop song, but that may be because I'm sick of those scenes in all the other shows I watch, and thus don't want one in my Dr. Who. I like that they couldn't "save" him, but there was something slightly empty about it as well.

Maybe if they'd gone back again and found his empty house, knowing that he'd therefore gone into the asylum, with everything that entailed. I don't know exactly what would have beefed it up a little without making it too depressing, but it was a bit hollow.

From what I've heard about Vincent Van Gogh (and it was pretty hard to hear the different pronounciations and not think of QI) his breath wouldn't have been much better than Shakespeare's, so maybe Amy is just more diplomatic? Perhaps her experience as a Kiss-o-gram has given her a better tolerance for that sort of thing?

ETA-I <3 Bill Nighy!

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