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20 First Lines Meme

Ganked from zekkass

Post the first lines from your last 20 stories. Do you see a pattern?

# 1. Richard was going to be all right!

# 2. “Best Bond ever?”

# 3. Five seconds after John disappeared into the Rift, Jack started feeling the acute pain of his absence.

# 4. He didn’t use the personal setting on the screwdriver very often, certainly never when a companion was around.

# 5. It ain’t like he wants to be thinking about Shaz at a time like this.

# 6. Leader: I’m pleased to introduce our speaker for tonight, one of our success stories.

# 7. What have we here?

# 8. This is not logical.

# 9. “Jack Harkness, you are such a slut,” Gwen said, showing her warmest smile as Jack returned to the SUV.

#10. House hates reruns.

#11. House glanced at the TV set, barely registering whichever infomercial was attempting to gull the impressionable with promises of bigger dicks or flatter abs, before focusing his angry gaze back at the empty space on his sofa.

#12. Twenty minutes before broadcast and Ryan is in his dressing room, replaying the latest argument, which is really the same argument that’s been going on for months.

#13. Gene came back to CID after the wedding.

#14. Dominic’s just about had it with the lot of them.

#15. She knows it’s a little creepy.

#16. Living in the 80’s is wreaking havoc with Alex’s libido as much as her wardrobe.

#17.Wilson had the phone to his ear, half-listening to Sam’s plans for dinner, when he noticed Foreman lurking in the doorway.

#18. Every man has his demons.

#19. “That was hot!”

#20.When the agency dispatched me to the residence of Mr. Bertie Wooster, I was provided with his name, age, address, and such information as had been left in the Junior Ganymede book by the valets who had served him until that time.

This list may be slightly skewed because all the first lines, except for the last one, are from mmom and a lot of those were drabbles or ficlets, so I really had to jump into the (ahem) action, fairly quickly.

While I'm very obsessed with KELS, I also like to have a very punchy first line, something that pulls the reader in immediately. I think when possible, I try to make it clear who the POV is in that first line as well, and of course I want it to be in character and in the correct style for the fandom. (Hence the long line that starts the Jeeves fic.)

I think this list definitely reflects those tendencies.
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