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30 Writing Questions in 30 Days-Day 2

Ganked from zekkass

Full List Here

2. How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females?

The number of characters is pretty much infinite. Multiple fandoms with multiple characters plus OC's, not to mention (hopefully) infinite numbers of characters to appear in original fiction.

For fanfic, I generally think I write men better than women, which is a bit of a failing. IMO, my House, my Wilson, my Chase, my Jack Harkness etc are more compelling than my Cameron, Cuddy, Gwen, etc. I don't honestly know if this is a failing of the writers of the canon I'm drawing from or myself, and just how much I love my male characters and therefore write them as deeper and more complex.

I don't have to go through the archives to know that I've written vastly more fics with Male POV characters and featuring mostly other males. I came back to fandom as a slasher, and even though I've declared myself as bi-fictional, I'm probably 70-80% slasher at heart.

However, when it comes to original fiction, I'm almost always female centric, writing a first person female POV character, who while I hope she isn't a Mary Sue, is some variation of my dream self. In fact, these characters tend to be so deeply flawed: drug users, promiscuous, alcoholic, duplicitous, etc. that they could be considered anti-Sues. Except they also get to be snarky, funny, usually screwing one manipulative bastard along the way, and inevitably solving the mystery. OK, they do look a bit Sue-ish.
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