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Who-babble for The Lodger

Not much to say, really....just babbling really.

Except that was one of the sweetest, most adorable things I've ever seen, certainly in the context of New Who. (Although presumably, not so much for all the people who got lured in to "help" before the Doctor showed up.)

Matt Smith was just amazing...I just loved him trying to be "normal," defending his bow-ties, playing soccer, saving the world AND getting the couple together. I think MAYBE Tennant could have done it, but I'm not sure there would have been that inherent sweetness and a sort of open-hearted generosity about the lives of the "little people." That may have as much to do with Moffatt's style vs RTD's as Smith vs Tennant.

It's almost like allowing Craig and Sophie to be happy in Colchester, is a validation of Rory's desire to happy in Leadworth, saying that it's ok to have small aspirations and there is something more than wanting to travel with the Doctor. It's sort of the antithesis of RTD's view of those middle-class lives. (This is NOT RTD bashing, BTW because it's a pretty hard sell for me and PERSONALLY, if I had the balls, I'd be out of there to live with the monkeys in a heart-beat before I got stuck with Craig, but that's just me.)

Am I crazy to think they deliberately scheduled the episode for the same day as the US/England World Cup match since it had the football (which was heavily featured in the Confidential?) I'll admit it took me a second to realize why The Doctor's number was 11. Fine, I'm a little slow on the uptake.

LOVED all the Van Gogh stuff on the fridge...great shout-out and continuity there. Doctor talks to Kitty-awesome. Nekkid Doctor-whoooo hoooooo. Charles & Dianna teapot---nice detailing there.

Interesting fact, from the Confidential that the story was based on a comic for Dr. Who Magazine that Gareth Roberts had originally written where the Doctor lived with Mickey Smith. More layers there, because I think until he got all epic and badass and awesome, Mickey was RTD's way of saying that Rose was right to run off, if Mickey was the best that was waiting for her.

How much do I love Gareth Roberts? The Shakespeare Code, The Unicorn and the Wasp, and now this little gem. Also, in the Confidential, I liked him a great deal more than Chibnall. (Sorry Chris.)

Nice suspenseful tag there at the end with Amy's ring and the crack, and the finale looks like it'll be...suitably over the top.

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