karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Or am I losing my mind?

Things I forgot to do yesterday:

1. Take a benedryl before going to Sebastian's house for hair day and facing his two cute little devil-cat balls of sniffle-inducing fluff.
2. Get my cell-phone off the charger so I could take it with me, in case hubby needed to get in touch.
3. Grab the copy of De-lovely that I wanted to lend to my friend Jim.
4. Take my distance glasses to the movies.
ETA-I also forgot to post the "30 Writing Questions" question for the day, and then just now I forgot to post about forgetting it. SERIOUSLY-Brain tumor. (With apologies to those who have suffered or whose loved ones have suffered from actual brain tumors, it's just so damn frustrating to be so incredibly flaky.)

But had a pretty awesome day anyway.

I asked Sebastian to put a swirl on my hair and it came out great.

A bunch of my buds were at the Mint and I did a bunch of songs.

The Little Roxie is small enough that not having the distance glasses was no big deal. We saw yet another documentary about a very quirky subject. Not as good as Big River Man, but no dead dolphins, so still ahead of the game. I didn't really coming away liking Biker Fox and I got the feeling that hubby was mostly diagnosing him.

Bikerfox Movie Trailer Unpredented Style - For more of the funniest videos, click here
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