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More rain!

I didn't get this much rain the few times I had to go work in Seattle. This is working my last good gay nerve, boys and girls.

The vacation turned out to be bit of a dud due somewhat to the rain and mostly to my inability to let go of the job and myself. I was too plagued by fatigue to go out and do latenight karaoke or stay up and watch inspirational material for the piece I'm working on.

Here's what I did:
Afternoon karaoke.
Medical check up.
Teeth cleaning. One cavity filled.
Movie: The Inside Man - ***
Some writing.
Much time sitting in coffee shops using ZRNET.COM computers to read my friends page.
Received one really amazing massage.
Attempted to give blood. More on that:
The lovely blueashke works at a blood donation center and asked me to donate. I thought this is would ba a good thing to do. Unfortunately the very first test produced the following result-HCT 35%. As I understand this-no enough iron. Anemic. Can't donate. I'd like to blame all my woes (fatigue, depression, brain turning to mush) on this statisic but Hubby (the RN) thinks that might be pushing it.
I eat a lot of meat so I'm not clear on why I have this problem, but I recall testing this way back when I was a kid. It'll be interesting to see if the bloodwork from my doctor's appointment turns up the same answer and what the lovely Dr. Chin makes of that.
Hubby and I also went out for fancy-schmancy dinner at Park Hyatt and then to nice haimish blue-grass event at local coffee shop.

Now it's raining and I have to decide if I want to go do some kind of exercise or tell myself I'm conserving energy and go back to bed.

The suspense is killing me. (Or maybe that's just my anemia.)
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