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"Chatterbox" Bones drabble Angela/Daisy PG

Title: Chatterbox
Fandom: Bones
Pairing: Angela/Daisy
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 100
Notes: Written for rustydog. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Unbeta-ed
Summary: Something resembling foreplay

Also available at:

“Dr. Brennan’s not going to find out about this is she? I don’t think she’d really approve, because we do work together and I don’t want her to do think I’m doing this to try and get close to her by getting close to you…not that Dr. Brennan even cares what I do…and Lancelot, oh, he wouldn’t understand…well I mean, he’d understand, him being a psychiatrist and all…”

Angela decided there was only thing to do. She’d wanted to kiss Daisy for months, but now it was absolutely necessary.

It was the only way to get her to stop talking.
Tags: bones, drabble, femslash

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