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Glee-babble for Journey

I will say this show does emotional manipulation like nobody's business. Once again, I was moved to tears, this time by To Sir, With Love. Beautifully done, and both Hubby & cried. (He's got a thing for that song anyway, and cries every time we watch the movie.)

And now, everthing that bugged me or that I out and out hated:

1. Seeing the Puck/Quinn baby-making scene. I'm really not sure this was a good idea, considering the attempts to somewhat redeem Puck over the last few episodes. This pretty much puts the idea that he's a date-rapist back on the table. I wonder if this was just a chance to show a scene that had previously been cut, since Quinn's line "You got me drunk and I was feeling fat" pretty much summed up the whole thing anyway.

2. I HATE that Shelby got a sudden case of "Lisa Cuddy-itus" i.e. My life is incomplete without a baby. YUCK & Double YUCK.

3. The Journey medley (and most of the plot) reinforced the idea that ONLY Finn & Rachel are really important. Mercedes/Kurt/Tina/Artie etc were pretty much relegated to extra status both in the singing and the plotline.

4. Finn & Rachel, who have spent the season showing emphatically why they are really NOT good for each other or as a couple are all of a sudden given the big "I LOVE YOU!!!" and it's implied that they should be together, despite the cheating, the manipulation, the anger and the fact that they really don't have anything in common but Glee. We re-watched Aca-fellas right afterwards...the fact that Kurt picked Rachel to pretend he liked when he was - HAHA - "closeted" at least made sense, as did her thing with Jesse. There's no indication that Finn is really a diva on his own or all that interested in Rachel's ambitions or show-tune obsessions.

5. Finn & Kurt---as pissed off as I was by Kurt's behavior in Home and the "make Finn feel bad" scene in Theatricality, I at least want to know what's happened since. Did Finn and Mom stay at Burt and Kurts? Did Finn at least get his own room?

6. It was nice seeing Josh Groban and Olivia Newton-John back in their Glee personas (although NPH would have been better) but having those personas twisted JUST to screw over New Directions, which ONLY happened to keep the plot going? WTF?

7. And worst of all...SUE! Sue Sylvester, the MAGNIFICENT BASTARD...WTF? Yes, we know she has a "heart," but she's spent 21 episodes trying to beat Will and get rid of Glee, because she wants that funding for her and her Cheerios and she BELIEVES in that. All of a sudden she "sees the light" and wants to New Directions to win? HUH? And then uses her blackmail over Figgins to give them "one more year?" Again, Why...OH Because if she doesn't there's no 2nd season. I call sloppy writing AND bull shit!

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