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I can't think of a clever header for today's Pimp Post.

Community Pimpage:

Please consider joining tw100. It's a Torchwood drabble challenge community with a new prompt posted ever Monday. The community is looking for more participants to add some diversity of pairings and characters. Excellent opportunities for gen-writing as well. Come on....100 words, you can do it!

Speaking of drabbles and challenges, ppth_support-The Unusual Suspects is back with the Eligible Character List and Drabble Challenge for Season 3, Episode 1-Meaning. (Longer fics for any and all supporting characters and guest starts are always welcome as well.)

And while we're at it...don't forget omni_fiction for any fics you write in any and all fandoms, especially for pairings or characters who don't fit naturally into other communities, and for fics that are adult in nature, where you'd rather not have to provide a detailed warning. (Just use Green/Yellow/Red) Old fics, new fics, red fics, blue fics. Bring em' on!


More mmom pimpage: The lovely joanne_c completed the challenge with a steamy selection of fanfic (including DYNASTY-Be still my beating heart), RPS/RPF (including Star Trek-Reboot) and some nifty original fiction. Check out her Merry Month, Right here


Madeleine L’Engle’s A Ring of Endless Light

Re-Evaluation by babykid528. Written for lgbtfest.

A really sweet, gentle story, with great details and an emotional sweep that catches up with you when you don't even see it coming.



Cause You've Got An Awfully Long Way To Go by paperclipbitch.

GUYS!!! It's Glee. It's Kurt/Puck. It's by paperclipbitch. It's everything the show should have given us in terms of character development and interaction and wit and snark and angst. It's a Kurt I can actually like, instead of just liking the idea. I don't have to tell you to go, read, and give love, because about a zillion people have done that already, but you should read it anyway, cause it's awesome.



Little Green...Men by ebineez01.

Kinky Jack/Aliens stuff written for Porn Battle VII

Hot stuff, especially Jack's incredibly shameless real!Jackness. In the alley, with the aliens, one of whom might be "in training." Gotta love it.

Comfort by lefaym.

This may be a repeat. I might have recced when I first read it, but it turned up on my "to read" list from when I went back and printed it out to savor all over again, so here I am pimping again. It's a little dicey, because I know the author and I have differing views about the characters and the meanings, and I don't mean to rub salt, etc etc.

Basically I read and rec this fic as something I think spells out the truth about J/I. I haven't read the novels or listened to the radio-plays so to me this could have taken place at any time in pre-CoE Torchwood and it would say exactly the same thing about Jack and Ianto. As well as Gwen and Ianto and all of Torchwood for that matter.

Anyway, it's an awesome brutal angst/smut h/c fic. Just don't go looking for fluffy-schmoop about any couple, cause it ain't there.



I Met You In Low Places by ygrawn.

Rating R

This makes me SO HAPPY. A great, hot angsty Jack/Vaughn fic, that basically hits every single one of my Jack/Vaughn buttons multiple times. Needy Vaughn/Emotionally withholding Jack....mrrrrrrowwwwww. jenab recced this to me and it was like hitting the Alias-fic JACK-pot. (HAHHAHAH) Seriously---so fucking awesome---there are no words. I know the fandom is dead and Jack/Vaughn isn't a major ship for most people, but reading this fic gives made me hap-hap-happy.


Sci-fic Crack!fic

The Conquest of Scalzi the Humorless by _tallian_

I don't even know how to describe it, but it was written for This contest to benefit the Lupus Alliance of America and it's some of the wackiest crack I have ever read.

Go give it a try. I promise we'll give you your brain back afterwards.
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