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McChrystal out; Petraeus picked for Afghanistan

It was interesting that last night, Keith used a Special Comment to tell the President to keep McChrystal, although with an extreme side helping of snark, to the extent that he'd be able to punish him later, whereas Rachel et al seemed to be saying: Dude's gotta go. LIKE NOW.

Should be a very interesting night of punditry and fake news all around.

Last night was, IIRC, the first time in weeks that anything besides the Gulf Spill had been the lead story on either Keith or Rachel.

I honestly don't know what was the best thing thing to do or if the Truman/MacArthur analogy really holds up. The funniest part to me is that the one thing that has the folks on the Right Wing websites the MOST up in arms, is that apparently McChrystal says he voted for the President. To them that shows worse judgment than anything that was said by him or his people in the article.

Who knew that Rolling Stone would ever be relevant again?
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