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Michael Tilson Thomas/Gustav Mahler-OTP

And now some words from Stephen Sondheim, sung by karaokegal doing her best Elaine Stritch, which isn't that great. (On other hand my Alexis Smith is AMAZING, but that's a different story.)

A matinee, a Pinter play,
Perhaps a piece of Mahler's.
I'll drink to that.
And one for Mahler!

Mr. karaokegal and I will going to the symphony on Saturday night to see MTT conduct Mahler's Seventh. (He'll be playing piano too.)


The wrenching climax of Salome introduces Mahler’s most enigmatic symphony. Sometimes called “Song of the Night,” this music of marches and nocturnal secrets is Mahler’s ultimate challenge to performers and a fascinating journey for listeners.

This should be fun. We're gonna dress up and take a cab. MTT is always fun to watch and who doesn't like Mahler, right?

Yet another in list of fabulous things about liviing in San Francisco-MTT!

(I assume I'll probably be dragged to see "Surf's Up" at some point this weekend as well. Hubby is super-psyched for surfing penguins.)

Major kink on the right side. Neck, shoulder blade etc. Not sure if I over-did weights or slept funny or shouldn't have slept with the window open. Either way, OUCH! Very limited range of motion. OUCH! I'm going up to Kathy's after work for a massage and see if that helps.

Thanks everybody for signing up for the virtual picnic! My f-list totally rocks.
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