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Thirty Days of Writing Questions-Day 12 (A day late)

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Here's the list

12. In what story did you feel you did the best job of world-building? Any side-notes on it you'd like to share?

Fanfic-I'd say my world for the Hugh & Bobby stories. Obviously I was working with known facts about people and places such as Hollywood and London, and taking off from various statements that Hugh and RSL had already made in their interviews, especially RSL's infamous, "hummina, hummina, hummina." We knew that Hugh was living in a condo in West Hollywood, but I essentially "built" the actual condo, gave Bobby a series of temporary residences, including Ethan's beach house, and made up my own version of the Fox studios and Hugh's trailer, so that Hugh and Bobby could have trailer sex.

I'm really proud of the first kissing scene which took place up in the Hollywood hills overlooking the lights of the Valley, and the twisty-turny motorcycle ride that Hugh gives Bobby.

I also incorporated as many people from Hugh and Bobby's lives such as Stephen, Emma, Gaby and Ethan and figured out how they'd all relate as the Hugh & Bobby relationship grew. In retrospect, I feel a bit guilty about stroppy, jealous Stephen, but it certainly felt right for the relationship as I was writing it. I think my greatest "creation" in that verse is my slash fangirl Uma. I still crack up over the idea of her bellowing "Booooobbbbbbbbbbyyyyyy" when she calls him after every episode of House.

Original fic-I guess I'd go back to the my first novel for that one, since I created the New York of 1978 that I would have liked to have, including Studio 54 (which I didn't get to until the early 80's), Williamsburg, and Washington Heights. I threw a lot of "background music" in, which required my getting waivers for the lyrics, some of which cost fairly big bucks, when the damn thing actually got bought to be published. Broke me of that habit for future books, I'll tell ya, but it was worth it to do once. Again, I think my 1970's NY is a delusion, but for the time I was writing the book it was fun to live in it, rather than the 1978 I really had being 14 years old and stuck in suburban New Jersey.
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