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Happy Birthday michelleann68

And just for you:

I Like To Move It-The Ultimate Workout Playist!

Minor Swing-Django Reinhardt
Bodies-Robbie Williams
Moving On Up-M People
Dynamite-Cliff Richard
Nicky Hoeky-PJ Proby
Editions Of You-Roxy Music
Les Ramparts De Varsovie-Jacques Brel
The Lady Is a Tramp-Buddy Greco
Yesterday’s Hero-Bay City Rollers
Sex Bomb-Tom Jones
Drive Like Lightning (Crash Like Thunder)-The Brian Setzer Orchestra
Tanque-Rae-Nick Lowe
Fabulous Places-Bobby Darin
Volare-Bobby Rydell
Senses Working Overtime-XTC
I’m Gonna Live Til I Die-Frank Sinatra

Cool down
I’ll See you In My Dreams-George Cole
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