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Tidbits from the Desk Of Doom

Thanks everyone who participated in yesterday's virtual picnic. The eats were delicious and I got to hear about all kinds of wonderful places to hang out. The weather is back to "normal" today, so there's no desire to be out of doors whatsoever and I suppose I shall have to pretend to care about the job for a few hours.


From today's San Francisco Chronicle, a puff piece about "man crushes". I feel like he's desperately trying to tip-toe around what we slashers know in our hearts about men and their attraction to each other, but it's amusing, none-the-less. I do take exception to the idea that women are all hot for Eva Longoria. She's not in my top three or top anything for that matter.

Man Crushes

Guys answer "Who's your Man Crush"

It must be a pretty slow news day because there's also a front-page, news-section story about the series finale of "The Sopranos".


You may remember my extremely cool Cousin Josh, from the Brooklyn portion of my Trip to New York and Boston

He has a blog, which you may want to check out: http://home.palaverist.org/
Josh has a range of interests and is a talent writers, especially his travel writing. Click on the Teaching Korea link and you will read some LOL, ROTFLPIMP, so funny it gave me hiccups stuff. All kinds of other fabulous links as well.


Free Stuff at the Bart Station

Lately I've been noticing just how much free stuff is being given away, practically every weekday outside the downtown Bart Station entrances.

Some of it I'm not interested in at all. Atkins Advantage bars are just nasty. But in the last few weeks, I've gotten Goody Colour Collection hair ties by the bushel, samples of Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew and Garnier Nutritioniste Daily Regenerating Serum and a nice little totebag from Stonebridge Life Insurance Company.

The bag perplexes me. I understand giving away samples of a product to get me to want more of it (although I doubt I'll need to be a hair tie again for awhile) but putting a life insurance company name on a bag just doesn't inspire me to call up and buy life insurance. But what do I know?

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