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String Saga-Day 3-I think it's over.

The String Saga-A New Hope
The Strings Strike Back
Part 3-Return of the Strings:

Client sends this to the hotel at approximately 530AM Shanghai time:

What is your finding? Do you want me to write a formal complaint so that you can respond more promptly?

To which hotel responds....

Good afternoon Ms. Batshit Crazy Client

Please understand that any “delay” in a response to you has been due to our detailed steps of investigating all that were involved with the handling of your garment. We understand that it is in the best interest of both the guest and the hotel to discover any information that may lead to the eventual discovery of your cords.

Our finding at this time are unfortunate, as the cords and/or the envelope that I described to you were not located by the housekeeper or found at the laundry facility. I have spoken with the owner of the facility and the treatment of your garment was handled no differently than similar garments that incorporate a design similar to the dress that was cleaned; the attention to detail with making sure that your cords were accounted for during the process by careful placement in a secure envelope was all performed based on the interest of securing items that are most frequently lost during the cleaning process.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any future assistance on this matter.


And client proceeds to show how batshit she really is:

You are unbelievable. You failed to answer my question. You bellman delivered the dry-clean dress back to me without the small bag for the cords. Your answer below seems to be protecting your outside dry clean service provider not your customer, me who has been loyal to your hotel in the past few years. You were basically brushing me off and asked me to bear a $300 loss without offering any apology and compensation. I am very disappointed and I will see what I can do to make a claim against you as I am not ready to walk away like this. You way of handling your customer is to say that it is my own fault to even send my dress to do the dry cleaning for which I paid.

K-gal, please take a note that I will never stay in this hotel again and I will tell my firm not to deal with this hotel again.

At which point I totally freak out because we have a really good relationship with this hotel and it's basically the Law Firm's preferred hotel in the that city. Now it looks like I have to call the Account Manager, The Travel Manager, and the Regional Manager and try and head off a disaster by telling them what's going on. When I mention this to the absolutely lovely hotel rep, she then panics and the next thing you know:

Ms. Incredibly Rude and Obnoxious Batshit Crazy Client Lady,

As noted in my previous email, I spoke with "all that were involved." This investigation included questioning the housekeeping staff, the Director of Housekeeping, the bellmen who delivered the items, and included a thorough inspection of our Lost and Found inventory.

Our mission in circumstances of this nature are to not only attempt the recovery of a missing item, but to ensure that our guest is taken care of. I have exercised due dilligence in the investigation process, and reported on the outcome of the findings.

Our goal is to take care of the guest, and understanding that this circumstance has unfortuneately impacted your trust, it is not necessary to file a claim with any one regarding the dress. At your discretion, it will be my pleasure to credit the amount of $300 to your credit card on file.

I will be available to asist you personally until this circumstance is resolved.

Kind regards,

And all of a sudden, she's ok with staying there again (but she's still not impressed with the cleaning service.) I won't comment on her spelling of a certain store name, as much as I would like to.

Yes, you should credit the $300 to my credit card so I can use that amount to repurchase the dress again from Meiman Marcus. I was too frustrated to even tell you that the dress was not even cleaned properly- as there were still spots on the dress that were not cleaned.

I just wish that you had sent the following email earlier as a timely apology would have saved you $300 dollars. At this moment, I will be happy to settle this if you can credit $300 to my credit card on file. And if you are happy to see me again, I will stay in your hotel in Sep when I go back.

Many thanks.

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