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Thirty Days of Writing Questions-Day 17

Ganked from zekkass

Here's the list

17. Favorite protagonist and why!

Basically the same answers I gave for Favorite Character To Write, back on Day 11

I'll elaborate a bit and say that I love writing House because he says the things that most people thing and would never say because they're caught up in social conventions, that House ignores and feels that society should let him ignore because he's a genius and he's in pain.
Even when House is suffering either the leg pain or the emotional pain of Wilson's ongoing betrayal, OR inflicting pain on Wilson/Cuddy/Fellows, he's like the untrammeled ID that we (or at least I) wish we could be. I like writing House because when I'm inhabiting him, there's absolutely no need to be nice to anybody.

The protagonist of Hooray For West Hollywood isn't a genius and she's not in any kind of pain, beyond the general disappointments of a failed career as an actress and the humiliation of being in the sex industry without really admitting it to herself. BUT...for a character I was writing for the better part of the decade before I found House MD, there's a lot of that angry, bitter, balls-out quality about her.

According to twenty agents, the book was crap, but I still loved writing that character.
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