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Thirty Days of Writing Questions-Day 18

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18. Favorite antagonist and why!

I've been thinking about this for the last 24 hours since I saw the question, and I'm still having trouble with. Based on the "classic" definition of an antagonist, I don't think I've really written too many. In canon House MD, House has faced antagonists along the lines of Vogler and Tritter, and to some extent Cuddy, in that she attempts to thwart his actions on several ocassions, but I've written very little of House in those types of situations.

The one time I wrote Vogler, I made him a little worse than he was in canon, but also tried to make him if not sympathetic, than at least understandable. I don't think I've written Tritter at all, and when I've written Cuddy, it hasn't been in an antagonistic situation.

Since I essentially write Housefic about the relationships, and since the prime relationship I write about is House/Wilson, you could either define Wilson as the antagonist, in the stories where his inability to be either honest and or faithful about the nature of his relationship with House is the main source of angst and pain for House, or you can say House is the antagnonist when his pain and anger are creating the strife. You can also in some cases say that the female who either House or Wilson is drawn to or involved with is the antagonist, and I've written Julie, Bonnie, Wilson Wife #1, Stacy and even Cameron that way, from the POV of House or Wilson as necessary, but I don't enjoy doing it and I wish I'd done a lot less back in the day.

I also can't think of an actual antagonist in my Torchwood fic, unless it's Ianto's anger and jealousy over Jack being Jack, but he's hardly an effective antagonist as he generally only hurts himself.

Strangely enough, the only real antagonist I can think of in the fanfic is Stephen Fry in the Hugh & Bobby stories. From the time he shows up in "Like a Hurricane" he is directly antagonistic to Hugh's affair with Bobby, mostly out of jealousy. I feel guilty about writing him that way, but I enjoyed it at the time and he did function as an antagonist, ACTIVELY scheming to break up Hugh & Bobby or at the very least cause Bobby great amounts of embarrassment with Gaby. I love how he sort of wormed her way into Gaby's life and made Bobby squirm quite a bit. And in a way, he won. As "real life" dictated the story, Hugh's family moved to Los Angeles and he finally bought a house, which presumably had a guest room, where Stephen would be spending considerable time. Bobby and Gaby had a baby and eventually got married. The affair ended and Stephen was in a much stronger position in Hugh's life.

Moving on to my original fic....in the old "Suefics" I made up with and for bff Jen and a few others, I had some stock "bad guy" characters including a stereotype Southern Sheriff baddie "played" by Mickey Roarke, and of course Dimitri was eventually tracked down and killed by KGB, but they weren't a major force in the story.

Even my mystery novels are short on characters who really fit the antagonist mode, since the actual murderers are not revealed until late in the narrative and are often friends of the protagonist prior to that.

Winners and Losers actually has better examples of antagonists both in the narrative and the fandom within a novel than most of my previous work.

In the story itself, my protagonist is being somewhat tormented by a LAPD Internal Affairs officer named Sgt. Matthews who is a bit of an Inspector Javert, determined to bust her friend Mitch Sparrow and essentially black-mailing the protagonist into helping him do so. I "cast" Keith Olbermann in the part, and I'm having a lot of fun writing him. He alternates between being a prick to the heroine about her drinking and ranting about how much he hates Barry Bonds. (The Novel takes place in 2007.)

In the Novel, there's a TV show called "Winners & Losers," and that show has a Tritter-like character named Bruce "Madman" McAllister, who is trying to bring down the show's hero, (picture House as a NY police detective.) He is definitely an antagonist. I haven't written much of him, but there's some fanfic within in the novel and he definitely gets mentioned. Maybe I should do more with him.

Sorry, guys. This is a lame-o answer in the extreme. Please tell me if you can think of any better antagonist examples in my fanfic that my Swiss-cheese brain is forgetting.
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