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Thirty Days of Writing Questions-Day 19

Ganked from zekkass

Here's the list

19. Favorite minor that decided to shove himself into the spotlight and why!

I'm going to assume that this is supposed to refer to a minor character, as opposed to a child.

As I've said before, I really like what I did with the "Uma Thurman" in my Hugh & Bobby stories. Starting with the fact that RSL and Ethan Hawke are best friends and Ethan used to be married to Uma, I came up with this notion of Uma and Bobby being semi-friends and Uma being a big House and her being the first one to mention to Bobby that everything thinks House and Wilson are doing it.

From a mention in the first story, her parts getting bigger and more over-the-top until I actually had her on the canvass, and created a plot where Stephen tries to get Bobby in trouble wth his fiancee by making her think that Bobby & Uma are having an affair.

I had a lot of fun balancing the caricature of Uma as a House/Wilson slash fangirl, with the sense of a real Uma Thurman, working actress and mother, who is sort of a flake in "canon."

In "real life" I've loved Uma ever since Henry & June, but I think she's made abysmal choices in terms of the roles she's taken. It was great to see her as Medusa in the Percy Jackson movie, and I could just see her and Bobby discussing it. If I were to go back to the Hugh & Bobby stories, I'd have a lot of fun figuring out her take on the the past two seasons. Would she be a fluffy fangirl who accepts all the H/W interaction as slash validation, even when it's constantly being mocked and undermined or would she be more like me?
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