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LOVE MEME POST #5-drunken_hedghog

Come And Get Your Love meme posted HERE (Love is still available for claiming.)


Oh, I bet you're wondering what kind of song dedication, I'm coming up with for this one.

Thanks so much for allowing me to do beta on your fic, when I kind of invited myself to the party and started telling you my ideas before I was even asked. You are made of awesome for knowing that a suggestion to change a word does not constitute an assault on the cornerstone of your being and for understanding that there are times where it's perfectly right and valid to tell me to sod off.

I love your devotion to crack!fic, your ability to write kid!fic that didn't actually cause me to break out in hives and of course your complete devotion to the H/W cause. Soul Sister!

We have the best email talks and I love you for letting me whinge and whine about my various works in progress, especially during the long, long month of mmom, when I was in a constant state-OMG, what will I do tomorrow?

And now, your karaokegal song dedication, from The Prince Of Wails, The Nabob of Sob himself, Mr. Johnnie Ray

I know I usually post the lyric, but this one proved rather elusive, so you'll have to listen to it instead.

Here's Johnnie!
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