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"The Method" Jack/Kathy Rating-PG13 Wordcount-100

Title: The Method
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack Harkness/Kathy Swanson
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 100
Notes: Written for tw100 Challenge 159. Reverse fandom challenge: Lost, Episode title: Two For The Road. Beta'ed by hllangel
Summary: Another conquest.

Jack hadn’t planned to seduce Kathy Swanson, but he couldn’t resist the challenge.

He had Ianto do a thorough investigation of DI Swanson’s interests, just to be on the safe side, although doing and saying whatever it took came naturally to him.

Kathy liked late-night walks through the seedier sections of Cardiff, pointing out the location of various arrests or shootings, as if to remind Jack that she didn’t need him to protect her.

When the road eventually led to her flat, Jack let her think that pushing him against the door was all her idea.

It worked every time.

Tags: drabble, fanfic, jack harkness, jack/kathy, real!jack, torchwood, tw100

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