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TV BABBLE-Warehouse 13 & Eureka

Welcome back Sy-Fy shows!

I love Jaime Murray. Thought she was awesome on Hustle and think she's a major babe, although I realize she's basically a 2nd string Catherine Zeta-Jones. Not sure what I think of the idea of HG Welles as a woman, but thought they pulled it off well by just not paying very much attention to it...or anything else for that matter.

Why couldn't Leena have really been working with McPherson? Why not let Claudia be under suspicion a while longer? (Although my naughty Artie/Claudia shipper self was happy that he trusted her AND gave her a Farnsworth---I know why he wants to be able to find her ALL THE TIME.)

Above all why get rid of McPherson so quickly? I love Roger Rees and would have loved to keep him around as an ongoing Moriarity figure.

Pete and Myka are still snooze-worthy and both are regressing into juvenile sniping instead of showing any kind of growth as a result of what they've experienced working for Warehouse 13.

Episode had fun moments, but was a let-down after the cliff-hanger.

Someone's been watching the Captain Jack Harkness episode of Torchwood a few too many times, not that I can blame them. The Jack/Allison dance/kiss is a nearly total ripoff and Henry's handwave about Eureka "always" being progressive is just as bogus for Jack and Allison dancing and kissing in 1947 as any bullshit anyone has given that would excuse Jack & Jack in 1941.

Aside from that, everyone looked great in their period clothes and I'm already in love with Dr. Trevor Grant and his hat and I'm thrilled that he showed up in 2010.

Not clear about what I'm supposed to think happened with Tess prior to the episode. Did I miss something? She left but sent him the tickets right? So she's basically dicking him around the way she always has. Fine, but why is he whinging at Henry like she just broke up?

Did they SORAS Allison's kid, or did the same actor just have a growth spurt while he was being completely ignored?

So how much of the "new" reality will hold and for who long? Will there be wank about the idea that the autistic kid is better off being normal? Or about Henry getting hooked up with the African American woman? I can see unfortunate implications either way, plus knowing how this show treats Henry, I don't see it lasting long and him reverting to woobie status fairly quickly.

Are they setting up a real Jack/Allison/Tess triangle with Jack as the object of desire or does that go out the window when a certain spoiler comes true? Quadrangle?

I don't think it's good that I'm treating this like a soap instead of a sci-fi show, but I don't think it's my fault. Yes, I tend to ship, but they've also been selling the pairings. You don't do a dance/kiss sequence to "I'll Be Seeing You" without trying to set up that dynamic.
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