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The Octopus Rules! And other tidbits from my weekend.

And Spain wins the World Cup! In the most boring match I've ever seen. But YAY SPAIN! It was a great World Cup, Vuvuzelas and all, although I'll be perfectly happy never to see or hear one of those things again. None of my picks made it and I was sad to see both the US and UK go out as early as they did.

Mostly I loved it because so many right-wingers were hating. Sometimes I'm just like that.


Tour De France---Another AMAZING ride by Sylvain Chavanel on Saturday. I was considering going out for a bike ride myself yesterday in honor, but went to the gym instead. I love how many riders are getting the chance to shine this year. You go Mark Cavendish! And I'm not the least bit sad to see the end of the Armstrong era, and I have a modicum of respect for him sticking around to ride the last two weeks and maybe help Levi Leipheimer, although I don't think Levi's gonna win it either.


My own 30 Days of Cardio project continues. Unfortunately, due to time restrictions and laziness, I'm not doing the amount of stretching I should be. Translation: I'm barely stretching at all. You could start a car engine with the lactic acid in my legs.


All caught up with White Collar and ready for the new episodes to start. Thanks to the individual who made it possible and thanks to hubby for going through the episodes, even though I'm not sure he was all that enthused.

I like the characters and have lots of thinking thoughts about the back-stories and relationships, but mostly consider it one of my "non-invested" shows. I hope they manage to maintain the light tone and keep the slash at its current level of subtext, rather than falling into any fanservice traps. I'm also among those who enjoy seeing Matt Bomer in the suit and hat, but could live with a few less gratuitous half-naked scenes. It's definitely nice to see Tim DeKay in something lighter than Carnivale. It was virtually impossible to actually like any of those characters, even ones played by actors I generally liked. (Possible exception: Patrick Bachau as Professor Lodz.)

Gotta love a show with a Golden Retriever and a chance for Diahann Carroll to shine on our screens again. I'm willing to over-look the GAPING plot-holes, as long as the fun stuff stays fun.


Watched some more Buffy-Season 3. You know, there's angst and then there's just self-indulgent twaddle. Buffy/Angel gives me a major whiff of the later category, although I was thrilled when Angel showed up at Giles' door looking for help. Still totally ship those two. Meanwhile-"Gingerbread" Oh, yeah, that was subtle.


In case you missed it in the WEEKEND VORTEX....I have some ranty things to say about the House/Cuddy ship, both as it has developed in canon and the reactive fanfics that have emerged in relation to what ocurred in Season 6 and the spoilers going forward. Mostly it's a complaint about BAD fanfic writing. Generally I would take this to FFR and be more specific, but there are extenuating circumstances.

Here's the rant in question.

And how was YOUR weekend?

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