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Dirty Secrets/Guilty Pleasures/Unpopular Opinions MEME

Ganked from lozenger8

* everyone has dirty fandom secrets or guilty pleasures or unpopular opinions.
* list five of yours.
* profit

1. In honor of the new Season of White Collar starting tomorrow and the fact that I just finished watching the first season last night: I won't go so far as to say I don't see the slash between Peter and Neal. Obviously, the subtext is there and so is the chemistry, however, the first real thrill of "OMG I WANT SMUT FIC-LIKE NOW!!!!" came during the first showing of the Peter sitting in the chair looking like he really was the BAMF and saying "We need to talk about Neal." I KNEW he wasn't the bad guy, but right there and then and I wanted to see them having hate!sex, with Peter pretty much owning her by threatening Neal.

Most of my back-story for Neal involves Mozzie as sort of Fagin character who at least started Neal's training. I also think there was a sexual relationship at some point and all of Mozzie's kvetching about "the suit" is really jealousy that Neal might be abandoning him personally as well as the "the life" for Peter and what he represents.

2. As horrible as I think House Season 7 is going to be and as much as I'm dreading the possibility of a "happy" House/Cuddy relationship, there's a very bitchy part of me that is going to laugh at my own fellow-shippers, at least the ones who've stood against me in believing that House/Wilson could ever be a happy ship and even actually thought they could get canon confirmation of the fluff.

My dream is canon H/W sex AND they still make each other miserable, thereby validating my own tin-hat version, but I will be somewhere smirking if House and Cuddy are shown being happy, knowing that the H/W schmoopy fluffers are suffering.

3. This isn't a secret to anyone who knows me and I don't feel guilty about it and I don't think it's necessarily unpopular around here, but it is in the Torchwood fandom as a whole: I want Jack/Gwen in Series 4. I want Adrift level or higher graphic sex AND an some kind of emotional validation as well. NOT because I think it would be more in-character than schmoopy J/I, cause I don't or because I ship J/G more than any other aspect of Jack/ABI. I think J/G should be another temporary situation for Jack and that he'd get bored as quickly as he did with Ianto, and that Gwen would be in the position of walking in and finding Jack getting it on with a man/woman/alien combination, which is the scene I most wanted to see in Children of Earth. (Anyone who loves me will write Ianto walking into that scene, getting all jealous and hurt, and Jack not giving a damn.)

I just want every single J/I fan who told me that Jack loved Ianto to have to see or hear about Jack giving Gwen everything he didn't give Ianto and watch them spin like dervishes to keep their dreams alive. (If Owen were still alive, I'd wish for Jack/Owen, but I'm working with what's left.)

Another reason this is unpopular is that I honestly do not give a fig about Rhys. They can kill him or not and I'd still want the J/G. If they don't and she cheats on him anyway, I say what I've always said: IT'S JACK.

4. I've given up on Spooks. Actually I gave up a long time ago. Couldn't get through the 4th series and have no inclination to watch the rest, even with Richard Armitage. There's only one thing that could bring me back to Spooks: Jools Siviter. Without him, there's no point.

5. Joss Whedon is over-rated.

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