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Six degrees of Dr. Who on the Orient Express

Watched the new PBS adaptation of Murder On The Orient Express last night and guess who turned up? Toby Jones, who played the Dream Lord in "Amy's Choice" and as the victim and David Morrissey as Colonel Arburthnot (the Sean Connery role from the 1974 movie).

I'm honestly shocked that Marc Warren didn't turn up as a porter or something.

I wasn't terribly impressed with this version. For one thing, I think the 1974 is epic and definitive. Everybody was glamorous and over the top and larger than life. I guess they couldn't really pull that off on a PBS budget, but this just felt very tinny and underplayed. More like a table reading of the book than an actual production. Barbara Hershey, much as I love her was no Lauren Bacall.

I think they went in the wrong direction by trying to make it a moral test for Poirot instead of a typical mystery for him to solve.

We watched a tie-in special they did about the Orient Express itself with David Suchet and it was SO WEIRD to see him out of 'stache and hear his normal British accent.

Also, somehow I'd forgotten that Alan Cumming is the host of Mystery these days, so I got to have a Squeeeeee moment over his hotness looking all clean-shaven in a suit plus that delicious accent.
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