karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Special real!Jack Pimp Post

Our favorite bastard rules today's pimp post with a bunch of recent reads that show him in all his proud, slutty, real!Jack glory,

First of all, my Torchwood OTP, Jack/Owen in a Jack/Owen cross-dressing fic written by ebineez01 for the most recent Porn Battle.

This one puts Owen in the dress, and it's super hot and shows exactly why Jack & Owen are perfect together, with a smidge of affection and a lot of bastard!Jack.

Even Hope by the_summoning_d

Mega-angsty Jack during The Year That Never Was. Jack/Master, Jack/Doctor, Torture etc.

Cosmic Joke by dune_drd

A long, timey-wimey, intricately plotted story, making Jack's feelings for the Doctor absolutely clear. Love and humor and angst and Jack is ALL ABOUT THE DOCTOR!!!

Shell Game by neifile7.
THE BASTARD RULES!!! Torchwood/White Collar crossover, with the two con-men going head to head and Jack pretty much PWNing everybody and having no consideration for anyone else when it comes to getting into Neal's well-creased pants. Absolutely delicious and real!Jack to the core.

If A Tree Falls In A Timeloop by Nancy Brown

Yummy Jack/John/Gwen threesome drabble.

Cos there's nothing more real!Jack than a threesome with folks he really wants.

Go. Read. Give Love.

Tell the writers who give us real!Jack how much we appreciate them for it.
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