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TV Babble-White Collar, Warehouse 13


Oh, I'm sorry, did anything of interest happen in this episode? Not so much. Myka and Pete's banter has completely regressed back to inane stupidity. Comic book readers are maligned as idiots, and the potential for great Lena/Claudia hate!sex emotional angst, was wasted with a bit of juvenile sniping and then a wimpy resolution. It all felt so empty. Glad to see McPherson back as a ghost, and really hoping that's not the last of him because aside from Artie/Claudia, I think Artie/McPherson are my OTP.

Two issues on which I'm torn. On one hand I like Peter/Mozzie "colluding" to keep an eye on Neal, but I don't want to lose their competition in the process. As long as the Con and the Suit are still clearly antagonistic, I'm OK. If they start singing Kumbaya, I'm gonna get pissed.

Along similar lines, I would have had Neal keep it a little closer to the vest as to what he was thinking before the explosion. I know it's a sop to the slashers, but I feel that it would have been better to keep Peter a little more off-balance. My fanon for that is that Neal said it to give Peter something he wanted to hear rather than completely meaning it. (I think this is me thinking like a fan-ficcer, rather than a TV writer.)

Hey, Tim Matheson, look at you being a Smug Snake. Nice job. This show is excellent at casting their three-button nasty types, although I felt that Tim's character sounded a lot like Matthew Keller in Bottlenecked, but that could just be a vocal similarity.

You know who needs some love on this show? JONES! I love Jones. I want fic for Jones. I want a comm for Jones. I want a Jones Icon.

Nice twist there at the end for Diana, but I don't think she's really bad anymore than I really thought Peter was bad (although bad!Peter was sexy as hell.) If she is bad, the implications would be seriously unfortunate.

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