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Had a nice day with my cousin Josh

He's a Marin kid who's been living in NYC since college and he's never spent a lot of time in the city, and really doesn't know the Mission at all, so I gave him the standard tour, including the murals and Mission Dolores. Since he's not a Who/Torchwood person, Chula St. did not impress him.

He'd been craving Mission Style burritos so we scarfed at La Cumbre, and then did some curiosity shop shopping on Valencia. Took a break back at the house and went back out for a walk up to Castro and down Market St. On upper Market we saw three naked guys. (One had some well placed shrubbery but was still quite naked.) They were also either waxed or shaved so their nakedness was even more obvious.

We saw the cops coming so decided to stand around and gawk. The cops basically were super apologetic and said that they had to come because someone had made a complaint. And then they left.

I wanted to try for the view shot down Market or a visit to the Mint but everyone was getting pretty tired by that time, so we went back to the apartment and Josh headed back to Marin.
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