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No he can't read my P-P-P-P-P-Pimp Post!!!

Over at ppth_support-The Usual Suspects, we're having the Drabble Challenge for Informed Consent.

If you want to write a little fic, or something bigger, about Ezra Powell, his rat or Ali, the stalker chick...come on over!

The folks at tw100 are always looking for new writers to come over and increase the diversity of pairings and characters being written about. Great new prompts going up every week.

And please folks, if you're doing ANY of the Bingos that are floating around out there right now, please consider cross-posting your fics to omni_fiction Remember: All Styles Served Here and No Warnings Required. Just rate your fic Green, Yellow or Red.


Meanwhile, everyone and everyone you know on LJ, is invited to come over and vote in the Celebrity Hotness Deathmatch Meme


In recs, we have quite the mixed bag this week:

RPS-William Shatner/Leonard Nimoy

Strange What Desire Will Make Foolish People Do by candesgirl.

While Kirk/Spock TOS is the Alpha and Omega of Slash and while I have no RPS issues about the form itself AND have glomped and written a bit of Chris Pine/Zach Quinto, I have to admit that Shatner/Nimoy was a bit of...if not a squick, then at least a harder sell for me. Obviously they have a deep, abiding, complex friendship, but to me their off-screen personas are rooted in a time where the slash glasses were less prevalent and I've always thought of Shatner as such a big ol' horndog of the het variety, I just wasn't sure it was feasible.

TRUST ME---It's feasible. This story has everything I love about slash, and especially RPS in that it's incredibly angsty and hot and full of the characters history as well. candesgirl does a GREAT job of getting inside a drunk, angry, bitter and horny Shatner's head as he watches Nimoy flirting with a woman. Great stuff...so dark and intense, and yeah, I know I'm describing dark chocolate. It's a dark chocolate story. If you're an RPSer with Trekish tendencies, give it a shot.


White Collar

Double Down by hllangel.

A nice little gen ficlet, but brimming with subtext, featuring Diana and what happened when she went back to DC.


Iron Man
The Mathematics of Betrayal
Tony Stark/Obadiah Stane
Hard R


An older story that I found by accident when it was mentioned in a fandomsecrets thread. If you like to see Tony suffer (and who doesn't?) definitely worth a look.


House MD

Elegy by Emily's List

OK, it's a House deathfic, and I'm sure you've read a metric ton of those. This one is still worth a look. It manages to avoid the usual dead!House pitfalls and if you're an Amber-fan, it's an absolute must-read.


The West Wing/Heroes-crossover

Deals and Games by babykid528

Sam Seaborn/Nathan Petrelli
Because I wanted to see those two together and she was kind enough to write it for me. See Nathan at his manipulative best and Sam trying to do the right thing, as always. Yum yum and more yum.



Denouement in Progress by recrudescence

One-sided Finn/Kurt and a little Puck/Kurt

All I can really say is that THIS is exactly what I wanted and needed to see after Theatricality. Puck says all the things that Kurt needs to hear, whether he likes it or not. Deeply satisfying.


Torchwood/Firefly crossover

All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

We couldn't have a pimp post without one real!Jack fic and this week it's a tw100 drabble from ebineez01.

Jack/Mal and Jack is a bastard! Delicious.
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