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A hearty FUCK YOU to Andrew Breitbart and Fox News!

Among all the other things I could say regarding this hideous and shameful smear, which is THANK GOD being rectified by a bright splash of the truth, I will point out something that has been thus far over-looked.


They waited until Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were all on vacation. While Lawrence O'Donnell and Rachel did an awesome job of reporting and debunking and eviscerating last night, the fact is that Countdown is the #1 rated show on MSNBC and when Keith's not there, the ratings go down, which then eats into Rachel's numbers as well.

The scumbags in question KNEW that if they pulled this shit on Keith's watch, they'd get Worst Personed and Special Commented with the righteous wrath of Keith and that if Jon and Stephen were allowed to offer the appropriate scorn and derision (especially Stephen in character) then their repulsive house of cards would be toppled permanently.

Just wait you bastards! The A-Team is coming back and then you are going to get yours.

Ms. Sherrod is hopefully going to get her job back PLUS a juicy book-deal, and that part of the viewing public which doesn't drink the Wing Nut kool aid will know exactly what kind of cretins you are.


I wasn't going to link this, cause I assume everyone who's interested already saw it, but after a day of media feeding frenzy nausea like that, I need to bask in the Barrowman love with a side order of Schadenfreude.

John Barrowman's most recent After Elton interview

The Highlight:

AE: That’s good you say that because many fans felt cheated by Ianto’s death in Children Of The Earth. What would you say to them at this point?

JB: Get over it.
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