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The weekend wrap up.

While I’m on terminal hold with my friends at United, let me fill you in on the rest of my weekend.

Saturday night was the Symphony. I’m not a major classical music buff by any stretch, but I love our San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. Michael Tilson Thomas is like a rock star here. It’s fun to do the whole pretending to be grown up and being dressy for the whole thing. I must say my hair looked awesome. All soft and ringletty. My cleavage was also quite nice.

We got there early to pick up tickets and then walked around Hayes Valley a bit, mostly looking for a café or something where hubby could use the rest room, which did not immediately materialize. This ain’t Salem, Mass. You can’t just go walking into City Hall, although I would have loved to say “Hi Gav, how’s that free Wifi coming?”

It’s amazing the number of places that go out of their way to tell you they don’t have any rest-rooms available.

One of my favorite things about the SF Symphony are the pre-performance talks, in this case delivered by Peter Grunberg, who is MTT’s assistant and just about the most adorable, I’ve ever seen. That would be adorable in a geeky, gnomish way, not in a "OMG I could snog you to death", Jesse Spencer kind of way. After some technical difficulties with the CD player, he filled us in a bit on Mahler and the writing of the 7th Symphony and pointed out some themes we should look out for, including a place where he said the rhythms reminded him of the Lipizzaner Stallions, and how this was one of several reasons he thought the 7th Symphony was Mahler’s most “Vienese”.

The other nice thing about the pre-concert talks is that it’s open seating and you can go all the way down to the front row, where the rich people sit. OK, the reallyreally rich people are probably in the boxes, but anyway.

Then we climbed many miles to our nose-bleed seats and I pulled out the notebook as I’m also fighting a fic-deadline. (So karaokegal, why are you wasting your time on this drivel instead of, you know, writing,, cause it doesn’t look like you’re actually doing any work there.) Piss-off, parenthetical remarks.

The soprano who was supposed to warble the “wrenching climax” (didn’t I see that in a bad smut!fic recently?) of Salome, was taken ill, so instead we got the Mozart Sonata for violin and piano in E minor with MTT playing piano and Alexander Barantschik playing violin, a really soft, beautiful, intimate piece. So cool to see MTT actually playing.

And the Mahler symphony itself really is spectacular. I don’t really have the skills to describe it but here are the Program Notes if you’re interested.

Who says this LJ doesn't have a bit of class to go with all the smut?

When I say Michael Tilson Thomas is a rock star, I’m not kidding. He has so much charisma, but he also has a very down-to-earth demeanor.

After the performance, he signed CDs and got a round of applause and squeeeee-ing when he came out. And we’re such geeks that we stood in line and he signed for us and I told him I love the “Keeping Score” videos. I’m sure he was very impressed with my hair and cleavage.

I really wanted to go out to dinner, but hubby wanted to go home and eat pizza. We ate pizza.

I got my “meal out” the next morning because we hit Mel’s Diner for brunch before seeing Surf's Up .

We totally had to see this movie, because you know---PENGUINS!!!! ANIMATED PENGUINS!!! ANIMATED SURFING PENGUINS!!!!

So yeah, it was kind of up our alley and extremely well-done, especially the idea of doing it as a documentary. James Woods and Jeff Bridges were especially awesome. The soundtrack literally rocked and we ended up heading to Virgin Megastore to buy it right afterwards. Highly recommended, if you like animated, surfing penguins.

And finally-the Mint. Things were more hectic than usual for a Sunday afternoon as there was a party going on and also a Fund Raiser for <"a href=http://www.underoneroof.org/home.shtml"> Under One Roof </a> a very cool charitable organization. I’m afraid this might have been a bit loud and over-whelming for the lovely hannahrorlove who came to join me and the gang for the festivities. As my “Castro Idol” fundraising song, I pulled out my old “Signature Song” One Night In Bangkok. Sad to say I did not WIN by garnering the most moolah during my performance, nor will I mention the wench who did.

hannahrorlove and I ducked into the sushi place next door for some serious House-bonding and crack!fic discussions, before returning to the noise and commotion.

After she fled left, I got caught up in the dreaded “One More Song” syndrome, where I KNOW I should leave because hubby is home waiting, but I reallyreallyreally want to get in ONE MORE SONG.

So I got home around 830PM with the sushi and gyoza and we watched Layer Cake with the yummy Daniel Craig. I love British Crime movies, but as I've mentioned before, there seriously needs to be a moratorium on the use of "Gimme Shelter" by the stones as shorthand for "Something bad is going to happen right now" and this film was guilty of that as well.

The funniest part was in the extras where Mr Craig said he told the director that he didn’t like movies with too much violence. Given what happened to him in this movie and also in Casino Royale I’m thinking he may have a serious error in career choice. I’m sure on missed some major plot points because I was on-line most of the time posting and emailing.

I didn’t do any running this weekend because I managed to totally screw up one of my babies toes when I hit it on something last Sunday night and took off most of the skin. OUCH!!!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Miss Clutz-o-Rama does it again. I’ve been to the gym a few times since, but haven’t risked an actual run. I’ll try for the treadmill tomorrow. (Assuming I’m not up wayway late tonight working on that story.)

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