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White Collar babble (and a little Eureka)

Can I tell you how much I love this timeline? Seeing Fargo NOT being the buttmonkey, Henry NOT being the Woobie and Jack actually being the object of desire for two women. I love Trevor Grant because he's made of awesome and works the hat something fierce.

I'm not particularly invested in Kevin's autism or lack thereof, but that's what makes me think the time-line has to go back, and I wonder how the autism community feels about this plot? I mean it's clearly being played as though Kevin "going back" would be the ultimate tragedy and Allison is justified in doing anything to prevent that.

Anyway, I'm loving the way the characters are interacting and I'm dreading the possibility that they'll have to give it up and "go back."

God, that was delicious. Everything was just pitch perfect, with the possible exception of the fake process shot trying to convince us that El was in San Francisco.

I loved the whole political story, Neal as a political operative, Mozzie & Peter working together while still keeping a certain level of animosity. I loved that the slashy angst stuff was keep well below the surface and most of all...I loved Diana and Neal. The chemistry was freaking amazing, even if it's supposed to be completely non-sexual. Their scenes together were just so light and screwball fun.

Plus the single best thing about this episode was that JUST when I thought they were going to let me know, and go with a classic woman-in-jeopardy scene and drag it out with the possibility of sexual violence as well. Instead we got BAMF Diana, who can take care of herself. This made me SO HAPPY I can't even tell you.

The show is totally on a roll.

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