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Officially on vacation

Goals for this week:
Work on NOVEL
Get hair done-I'm seeing Sebastian today
Get nails done.
Get a massage-tentative appointment for tomorrow.
Catch up on laundry
Do some Karaoke.
Work out with Peggy-Seeing her Wedsnesday-she's going to set me up with a core routine using BOSU and Stability ball.
Finish the 30 Days of Cardio

I haven't been putting down all my singing activity over the last few weeks, but we've had some really nice Sundays at the Mint, including appearances by Steven Goings (which is nice, since we'd heard a rumor that he died), Marilyn, who's been unseen for at least six months, and Peggy. Also been spending a lot of time with Donatello. He burned me an AWESOME disc of Sonny Bono's solo album along with the two live Sonny & Cher albums from the 70's. Plus last week Daddy Dave was away in Japan, so I got to spend time with my friend, Big Frank.

Some of the songs I've done in the last few weeks:

Living Next Door To Alice-Smokie
Fox on the Run-Sweet
Cruel to be Kind-Nick Lowe

I Will Talk and Hollywood Will Listen-Robbie Williams
I've Done Everything For You-Rick Springfield
Me and My Shadow-Robbie Williams/Jonathan Wilkes-(me & Donatello)
I Was Born To Love You-Freddy Mercury
Me and My Monkey-Robbie Williams (Yes, I do have a Robbie fetish)

I Call Your Name-The Beatles.
It's Nice To Go Travelin'-Frank Sinatra (Welcoming Daddy Dave back.)
Well Did You Evah-Robbie Williams/Jon Lovitz (Duet wtih Peggy)
Redemption Song-Bob Marley
You Know Me-Robbie Williams
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