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White Collar Babble for Copycat Caffrey

One of things I'm really enjoying about the Peter/Neal relationship is the way the writers are keeping things fairly equal between them. They both get to take the piss without either one being a perpetuall butt-monkey OR a woobie, no matter what certain fan-girls may crave.

Neal got to be full of himself and then he screwed up. In spite of his "I never lied to you" line from last week, he clearly does and is, but Peter is still keeping things as well. I LOVED the "I wear a badge; he wears a tracking anklet" line. Peter technically has the power in the relationship, and speaking of power, is there anything sexier than Tim DeKay doing his BAMF routine as the "Detroit Mob" guy? Mrrrrrrooowwww

On the slash-glasses front, I like how they're still keeping it low-profile, although I gotta say the attempts to gin up ANYTHING resembling chemistry between Neal and Alex is lame in the extreme. Not sure it's the acting or the writing, but if I'm supposed to believe anything happened in the pool or might happen in the future, it's failing dismally. I do like the character and I think it's interesting that they're setting her up as a reflection of Neal, right down to wearing a hat, in a scene where Neal wasn't.

I'm still not even getting WHY Neal would be hot to help Alex at all. Didn't she basically bail on him at a crime scene? Is she there just so Peter can fanservice the slash-fans by getting jealous? I have to think she was playing him at the end.

Kudos to Jones for being all kinds of awesome and getting Peter's approval. I want a Jones-centric episode before the season ends although pretty please NOT a tragic back-story.

Also, a big YAY for Aidan Quinn coming in as this week's smarmy baddie and delivering the phrase "dumb schmuck" way more convincingly than a guy named Aidan Quinn should be able to.

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