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I had an amazing meal last night...

At my cousin Zach's house. My cousins Maggie and Mike and their son, Arden were in town from Toronto, so I got to see a whole lot of cousins on my father's side of the family. Despite Zach living in town, I just don't see him that much. They live in the boonies of Bernal Heights, and the fact is hubby and I tend to cocoon a lot.

Sooooooo.....two weeks ago, cousin Josh, this Sunday, my sister and last night A WHOLE LOTTA COUSINS.

Anyway, aside from being completely lovely people, my cousins are all really good cooks, and they made a meal of recipes from The Slanted Door, which is this super famous Vietnamese Restaurant. When I first heard this plan, I was all kind of smirky and OMG that is so pretentious. OH NO NO NO NO. It was freaking delicious. Every bite of it. What's funny is that for years The Slanted Door was basically around the corner from me...and we never went there.

I had a lovely time with all the cousins, including Lena who is off to Columbia in a few weeks, and has become a gorgeous young lady. There were also a few younger cousins, and hubby advises me that my potty mouth is not appropriate for the kiddies.

Amusingly, it turns out that both Arden (early 20's) and Lena (17) are aware of and have read fanfic on-line, both in Harry Potter. Arden even gave me a fic rec to pass on.
Strangely enough the idea of writing for something like House seemed odd to them, even though they both read on FF.NET

It was a really great night. Sometimes I need to be reminded how cool my family actually is.
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