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TV Babble-Warehouse 13, Eureka, Covert Affairs, White Collar

Sorry, I still don't care about Pete and Myka as a couple, so whether it's the snarky banter OR the BIG MEANINGFUL CONVERSATION complete with more of Myka's angsty backstory...I'm zoning out.

However, I do like that both episodes had more cast integration, especially Beyond Our Control. I really liked seeing Claudia in the main plot, basically coming to the rescue.

And now on to my favorite ship: Artie and Claudia.

IF TPTB think they are in any way dissuading me from shipping them AND wanting fic, by spelling out the squick factor and trying to force the father-figure aspect of the relationship AND giving Claudia any kind of boyfriend, they do not know what kind of a tin-hatted shipper they are dealing with.

The harder they tried to make it ping the wrong way, the more I basically wanted them to jump each other.

And on what planet to they REALLY believe that fashion models "bare their souls." Plus how come the woman buying the youth is essentially let of scott-free, unless I missed something.

I do love that the Original Ray's Pizza is in the Warehouse. That's the kind of throw-away line that makes me and hubby smile. More of that and less fake Pete/Myka UST. Please.

Zzzzzzzzzzzz. The only thing worse than this show trying to be cute is this show trying to be SERIOUS.

This is the first time I had to drag the old "STFU" out of storage in a while.

STFU Annie!

There's not much to say about the episode itself, except that it really points out how important the character of Jack is to the show and what a bad idea it is to do a Jack-lite episode. I get that they did it so Colin Ferguson could direct, but it's still a bad idea, at least with this particular script.

I have nothing against Jo as a character, but having her in central role doesn't work as well, especially when she's also having to angst over Zane. Since she's more of a "Eureka" type than Jack is, there's just not the "outside-the-box" freshness of her figuring anything out.

Since there are rumors that Nathan is coming back, I was sure it turn out to be him who'd gamed Kevin's rocket to help him out. The reveal that it was Allison did surprise me, but getting stuck back in that whole drama still makes me wonder how much of the time-line will be left in place or whether at some point, everything will have to go back.

Zoe's hair looked good, but she was a bit of a wench, so STFU Zoe.

Jo moving in with Jack? Are they going for Jo/Jack to replace Tess in the triangle formation or to give him a fall back if Nathan does go back?

At the moment, I still love Trevor more than any other character and really hope he gets to stick around.

And a re-link to my White Collar babble for Copy Cat Caffrey
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