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LOVE MEME POST #7-michelleann68


I love you for being a fellow RPS-er, along with your partner in crime Evila Elf, having created a complete RPS-verse for your RSL/Alan Davies pairing and putting out new chapters at a pace that puts my slow-pokiness on the Hugh&Bobby stuff to shame.

It was great having you as one of the guests for my on-line House-parties during the second half of the season, sharing your joy and frustrations with Wilson’s shirts, dick jokes, the appearance of various bodily fluids, and the whole roller coaster ride TPTB put us through. I only wish we’d started the ritual sooner and I look forward to starting together from the beginning of the new season.

I love you for sharing my love of movies and plays and showtunes.

Your devotion to Robert Sean Leonard is truly awe-inspiring.

Thanks also for great beta skills and being able to tell me what is and is not working in various fandoms, especially for your skills on my crossover fics. Extra special thanks for jumping into stuff at the last minute when I ran way too close to the deadlines.

You are totally cool and I’m thrilled to have you in my life.

And now your special karaokegal song dedication:

I love the East. I love the West.
North and South, their both the best.
But I only want go there as a guest,
'cause I love being here with you.

I love the sea. I love the shore.
I love the rocks, and what is more,
You and they never be a bore,
'cause I love being here with you.

Singing in the shower,
Laughing by the hour.
Life is such a breezy game.
I love all kinds of weather
As log as we're together.
Oh, I love to hear you say my name.

I love good wine, fine cuisine,
Candle light. I love the scene.
'Cause, baby, if you know just what I mean,
I love being here with you.

I like a Dance by Fred Astaire,
And Brando's eyes, Yul Brynner's hair.
But I think to tell you's only fair,
That I love being here with you.

And Cary Grant, oh do-dah-day,
His utter charm takes me away.
But don't get me wrong, how do you say,
I love being here with you.

Basie's band a-swingin',
I like Ella's singing.
'Cause there's something else, you know,
They know how to say it,
They know how to play it,
They wind it up and let it go.

I love the thrill of New York shows.
I'd love to kiss Durante's nose.
But I'll like to say before I close,
I love being here with you!
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