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Further evidence of the stupidity of my corporate masters!

They've programmed Websense to block Livejournal, but apparently Dreamwidth is still flying under the radar. Although maybe that speaks to the lameness of Dreamwidth. It should also be noted that co-worker is free to spend the day gazing at TMZ and Perez Hilton and I'm still having no trouble with Twitter, TV Tropes, or Huffpo. So pretty much the ONLY thing I am being blocked from is the one thing I need to get through my day with a modicum of sanity, but I still have the Dreamwidth option at least as far as posting is concerned. (As I'm doing now.)

For Livejournal, I get one hour's worth, in ten minute quotas. This will be frustrating, but do-able. Just as well I've pretty much lost interest in Fandom Secrets, which can theoretically take hours to get through between reading secrets, reading replies and posting comments.

In the name of Fighting the Power, I'd still like to find a way to circumvent this thing, but that seems to require a proxy server and of course all of those are blocked. I'd also really like to know which ass hat in the Law Firm went overboard on his Facebook time and brought this down on the rest of us. (My theory only, no proof.) I honestly don't think something this big is aimed at little old yours truly, since I technically work for the Travel Agency, and I don't THINK they're responsible for the situation, since we go through the Law Firm's server.

I'm also still hoping against hope that this is once again a temporary situation, but that seems unlikely.
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