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"Moonlight Sleeping On A Midnight Lake" TW100 Drabble Rating-G

Title: Moonlight Sleeping On A Midnight Lake
Fandom: Torchwood
Character: Gwen Cooper (Gen)
Rating: G
Notes: Written for tw100 Challenge #162-Homeless. Unbeta'ed
Summary: Looking for Torchwood.

She’d come as far as it was possible to go, looking for a new home for a new Torchwood.

Lake Victoria by moonlight was as beautiful as anything she’d ever seen, and the sounds of the night were more terrifying. The locals had legends older than time; their gods and demons could easily have been aliens.

The vast sky split with a light too bright too be just lightning.

“Hello, Jack,” she murmured into the darkness, waiting to tell him what she’d finally learned. Torchwood wasn’t a Hub or the Rift or any individual.

Torchwood was a state of mind.
Tags: gwen cooper, jack harkness, tw100

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