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30 Days of Movies Meme

Ganked from speccygeekgrrl

List of questions

Day 15 - Favorite film sequel

Tricky. I'm generally not a big fan of sequels. To quote a song lyric, "Why is the sequel never the equal?" On the other hand, when a film turns into a whole series, like the Bond films, does the word sequel even apply? And am I judging it on its own merits or as a sequel? Does it have to be something where the sequel is far preferable to the original?

OK, here we go...I really do NOT like Dirty Harry, not so much because of the political slant but because they go way over the top (although mild by today's standards) in depicting the violence of the killer in order to justify Harry's tactics, but I absolutely ADORE

Magnum Force

It's got a much lighter touch, plus young David Soul and Robert Urich and (believe it or not) Tim Matheson and some major league slashy looks all around, which even spawned a minor fandom of its own back in the printed fanzine days. (See Icon) There's also some sexy flirting with Asian Babe and the some nice San Francisco scenery.

Oh Clint, what a big gun you have!

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