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Babble for Warehouse 13 and Eureka - Crossing Over

Plus obligatory diss of Covert Affairs-No Quarter. Actually-this episode was marginally better, only because the Israeli guy was hot. Although it's hard to believe that Annie would be so shocked by a naked man or bondage gear.

I'll admit, at this point I'm really only following either of these for the shipping/soap opera, because essentially that's all they're giving me to be interested in. I was thrilled to see the end (I hope) of Todd and loved the Claudia/Fargo stuff. I feel bad that I was as happy as I was with the dumping scene. Sorry Claudia, but I like you better when your sure of your mad computer skills but unsure and off-balance about men.

Great to see Rene Auberjonois, and kudos to whoever did the CGI to make the older footage into the computer AI. Very nice. Oh Artie...cheating at Battleship? I thought he was going to pull a Captain Kirk-drive the computer crazy move, but this was fairly close.

Meanwhile on the Eureka side...love you Trevor, but that was some seriously over-the-top Narm in the "dying" scenes. Hubby was guessing they were going to find a way to send him back and undo the reset, but apparently not.

Not sure I needed to know that much about Henry and Grace's sex life, but considering Henry's incredible run of bad luck and woobie status, I suppose we should through him a party for actually getting some.

So they're really gonna go there? Jo/Jack? REALLY? I thought that the whole point was to set up the Allison/Jack before Nathan's return, but instead it's Jo/Jack and Trevor/Allison? The only thing I like about that, is that "Dr. Old Spice" would be a more on a more obviously equal footing in a brainy snark battle, but presumably the result would be the same.

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