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Vacation Week Pimp Post-Part 2

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To be honest drunken_hedghog has been ripping things up with her NCIS fics for kink_bingo. Mostly she's written McGee/Dinozzo and they're all awesome...BUT...she was kind enough to write my OTP of Gibbs/Fornell and since that pairing gets so little love that I want to give those fics an extra shout out:


Prompt-Sensory Deprivation


Zachary Quinto-RPF

When They Touched Me I Died
by babykid528

It's not easy to classify, but let's just say, it's Zach getting his Lit Geek freak on. Enjoy


All Caffeine-Free Faux-Punk Fatigue
by paperclipbitch

Yes, we're all STILL waiting for the rest of Think Of It As Personality Dialysis, but in the meantime, there is those lovely piece of post-Finale fic, which has Puck/Kurt, Quinn/Mercedes [slight Finn/Rachel]and some pretty damn awesome Jesse St. James. It's a one-shot and it's done, and so so tasty.



Iron Man

Windows by quigonejinn
AU-Rentboy fic.
Not rated, but I'd call it NC17

I'm not a massive fan of the Rentboy genre, but I gotta say, this one make total sense and it's hot.

An older fic that I only recently read.


Come With Me by unfeathered
Captain Jack/Captain John
Warnings-contains D/s, bondage, breath-play and character death
Makes me very happy, by showing how well Jack and John know each other and how John IS capable of fulfilling Jack's wants and needs in a way I'm pretty sure certain other people would never have been.
A dark!fic that makes me do the happy dance.

Revenge Is Best Served by jooles34

As part of a comment discussion following a tw100 fic, I asked for some Blowfish/Weevil interaction. This is what she came up with. It's not what I expected, but it's a great little ficlet. Check it out.
Tags: gibbs/fornell, glee, iron man, ncis, pimping, real!jack, rpf, torchwood

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