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My Alternate Life Meme

Ganked from chocolate_frapp

Describe your alternate life

In my alternate life, either my first set of mystery novels were more successful, or I managed to get an agent and sell Hooray For West Hollywood, which got optioned for a movie, but still hasn't been produced. My agent is negotiating for me to get a crack at writing the screenplay and Drew Barrymore has expressed interest in playing Kitty Collins. There's been some talk of Barrowman playing the 50's closeted movie star, at least in the flash-backs, but that mostly me talking to anyone who will listen.

I still live in San Francisco, although I do have to make frequent trips to LA, which I hate, but I did manage to make enough from the advance and the movie option to get a house in SF. It's not massive or in the best neighborhood--I'm still in the Mission--but I do have a yard and a puppy---pit-bull mix---and a nice kitchen that isn't trying to kill me, although I still don't cook much.

I'm working part-time in an animal shelter, but mostly I'm able to pay for the mortgage payments on my book earnings. I go to the gym or run most mornings and write in the afternoons. Hubby is still working, so I walk him to work at night, and then go to the Mint. Since I'm able to work out and run at leisure, I've managed to beat my food compulsions and I'm holding steady at size 10.

We have a time-share in a condo in Lahaina, so I can go and sit on my patch by the ocean a few times a year, especially when San Francisco is having an especially cold, miserable summer.

Best of all...my mother is insanely jealous of my sales, which have now exceeded hers, but she tells herself that I'm a commercial hack and she's an artist. She's also afraid of my puppy who is the sweetest little thing on the planet and is (of course) named Jack.
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