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100 TV Shows-#97-Phenom

A long time ago in a galaxy...oh, OK, back in July of 2012, and right here in this very chair, I wrote an entry about Knot's Landing, Dallas and Live at Five, in od which I mentioned my obsession with one William Devane. I mentioned that I'd followed from Knot's Landing to other shows including a little item called Phenom and that some day I would write about it. It's now nearly six years later, and I am nothing, if not a woman of my word.


I guess we'll put this in the Broken Badges and even Arrow (shudder) category of shows I watched for a single actor in spite of all reason. Because by 1993, I was a long time past any interest in sit-coms, especially a "family" sit-com a single mom and teenage kids, which I remember some sarcastic article, maybe in TV guide or even the American version of Spy describing as "Who's the Blossom." BUT...William Devane!!! Greg Sumner. JFK. The made for TV not-half-bad remake of From Here To Eternity. THOSE TEETH!

So...there I was, 29 years old, already married, and watching THIS because of how much I loved William Devane. So the whole Barrowman/Arrow thing definitely had an antecedant, but since there was no interwebs to vent on, or a fandom to commiserate with, I didn't have the kind of rage-a-holic reaction I'd develop later to disappointing television or just plots that didn't do what I wanted them to.

1 season, 22 episodes. I'm pretty sure I watched them all.

I don't remember much, except I think I wanted more Devane and less family and that the Coach character was comic relief rather than a bad-ass mofo and it wasn't fun to watch, although Devane in tennis shorts probably was. I doubt this even exists on DVD and I don't see any episodes on Youtube, but I'd curious to see it again. I vaguely remember his flirtation with the Mom, but probably also a frisson with the girl. It's a little sad because I didn't follow Devane anywhere else, even IMDB tells me he's worked consistently and been in TONS of series and Made for TV. He was awesome in that one episode of NCIS and still has a great set of teeth.

But you know, time marches on, and he'll never be quite as hot as he was as Greg Sumner.

I'm glad we did have one more fling.

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Guess where I found the glasses that were missing for two days?
No, it was not on top of my head which might have been somewhat amusing....but rather....wait for it....
IN THE POCKET OF MY BATHROBE! That would be the same bathrobe I wore the day after I swore I couldn't find the damn glasses.
This is what distraction does to me. Yes, I'm still struggling with the knitting, the book and the broom, or at least all of the above in the form of Social Media, E-Books, and podcasts.
Also clutter. I need to just throw shit out and instead I just keep stuffing it into different drawers, telling myself I have to go through everything because I'm terrified I'll through something out that I really need.
I also need to figure out a way to do Karaoke AND Kirtan tomorrow without losing my voice.

We're going where the sun shines brightly

And this years Spring Holiday takes us to Santa Fe, New Mexico. It's pretty random. Basically I go where I can get free hotels and sit in a plane for less than three hours. I've already worked through my anticipation of drama around food...and I'm as addicted to food drama as I am to food itself. I've got my Paleo snacks pack
ed and my hard and fast rules for what I will not eat. Beyond that, it's the one plate rule and staying honest with my food buddy along the way. I'm sure there will be SOME drama because I am such a Drama Queen, but hopefully not that kind of drama.

I'm still working on getting all my LJ fic, including the 2011 Drabble-a-Day project, posted to A03. At SOME point LJ will leave us or I will mwake a final exit from both DW and LJ, but I do want the fic available. Sturgeon's Law may apply, but damn, some of that stuff was really good. Or it wasn't, but it still speaks to my ID, even if I hope I'm no longer the person who wrote a lot of it.

Some of the drabbles are crap, though, although I really did work hard on them.

100 Things Meme...ALMOST THERE! I am going to finish that m.f. thing. Seriously.

Hubby update: He turned sixty and decided he needed a skateboard, an electric skateboard. Then a regular board. Then a longboard. Then a short board. Then a custom board. At some point justifiable homicide may kick in, assuming the Universe doesn't take care of the situation for me.

Work still rocks. I'll have my dream shift for the next six month. Closing shift Sunday to Thursday. I keep my Karaoke on Saturday, I have Fridays with hubby and I can sleep in on Sunday.

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So basically: Yoga, Work, Program, Karaoke.


I don't believe this.

96 entries.
I'm almost done!
That's awesome.

BUT---I've been posting to Dreamwidth with a cross-post to LJ. And the "master list" for each one has the links to the original posts on the correct platform. I just did the 96th entry and when I updated the master list on Dreamwidth, I forgot to disable the cross-posting. Which means my master list on LJ, now has 96 Dreamwidth links. ARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH.

My self-diagnosed OCD is not happy, and will eventually require me to go back and redo the whole post with the 96 LJ links.

But not right now.

100 tv shows-#96-Faoi Lán Cheoil

Here's a bit of a wild-card. Neither US or UK, but rather a "reality show" from TG4, a public service channel for Irish language speakers in Ireland.

My husband is the following:
Of partial Irish ancestry.
A lover of traditional Irish music.
A player of traditional Irish music. At the time of this writing he currently owns and can play to some extent, the tin whistle, the Irish flute, the fiddle, banjo, mandolin, octave mandolin and a few others.

Two years ago we traveled to Ennis in County Clare to attend the Fleadh Cheoil. At that time he'd pretty much just taken up the flute and took classes at the Fleadh with 6 year old flute players who could already kick his ass.

Around that time we discovered this reality show on Youtube. (It's since been pulled.) The premise that eight celebrities (seven of them Irish) learn to play a traditional Irish instrument with the help of a famous player. The non-Irish person is English actor Jeremy Irons, who lives in Ireland in a castle and who I kind of adore. He may have been my "hook" into the whole thing. He was the only one I'd ever heard of, although I was amused to find out that at least two of the actors appeared on an Irish soap opera called "Ros Na Rua," which I was super-amused by on our trip to Ireland in 2001.

Obviously as in all "reality" shows, the situation is arbitrary and who knows how much of the difficulties in learning the instruments are completely real or just part of the set up for suspense as the big performances arrives?

That being said, and have seen all the episodes multiple times, because when we like anything of a musical or documentary nature, we watch it over and over and over, and it's thoroughly enjoyable.

It gives so much insight in the music and the people and Ireland and oh my god, I now love Jeremy Irons even more than I used to so if he's problematic for you for any reason...skip that one. I'm not sure where to find it now that TG4 has pulled the Youtube plug, but if you get the chance and you love Irish people, Irish music, Irish instruments, Irish accents, or Jeremy Irons...go for it.

Here's the line-up:

John Creedon learns the flute

Marie Jones learns button accordion

Adrian Dunbar learns Sean Nós Singing

Macdara Ó Fátharta learns tin whistle

Paddy Courtney learns the Bodhran

Jeremy Irons learns the fiddle

Andy Reid learns Banjo

Dearbla Lennon learns concertina
The Kenny Everett Video Show

Wiki is kind enough to tell me that this was originally broadcast on ITV from 1978 to 1981. However, back here in the states, I'm pretty sure I was watching it after Night Flight on NBC the summer after I graduated high school, which means I didn't see it until 1982, if not later.

I KNEW NOTHING! I'd barely gotten MTV, I hadn't fallen in love with Bryan Ferry. I had no idea about how truly Awesome Kenny Everett was. I didn't know about Pirate Radio. I didn't know who half the people in the videos were. I was mostly amused by the running gag of Cliff Richard (who I did know and love) being cut off in the middle of Living Doll. I remember my sister describing Hot Gossip as "anorexic white women dancing with muscular black men." I also didn't know anything about Sarah Brightman.

I did love the sketches, never mind that it would be a few years before I'd have enough context about British politics and culture in general for a lot of them to make any sense or for me to get "Cupid Stunt." Captain Kremmen was THE BEST!

If you can believe it, I didn't even know Kenny was gay. (I know, I'm rolling my eyes at myself.)

Now we have Youtube of course and it's all there for me. So much of the stuff I eventually embraced and got obsessed with including my beloved Bryan. I'm grateful for those brief glimpses of the pop person I was destined to become.

Solid Gold

Saturday afternoons. Me dancing around the living room. Dionne Warwick, Andy Gibb, REX SMITH!

Same basic time frame. Way more US-centric, obviously plenty of British performers, although not the Smiths, Joy Division and others I still didn't know about. These were the days when I listened to Casey Kasem. American Top 40 actually meant something. I feel so old.

Happy memories though. Lip synching, primitive videos...and those dancers.

Here's my favorite Solid Gold dancer:

I was obsessed with that braid.

Counting days on behaviors again.

I'm still struggling with my awareness behaviors. I use the phone as my alarm and I play podcasts when I'm sleeping.

The "craving" to check and send messages as soon as my eyes are open is honestly foodlike in its pull.

Ditto needing every bit of strength from HP to keep food out of my mouth until two butt cheeks are in a chair.


Love Is The Drug

Or a drug, anyway.

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The Rockford Files


I know what you're thinking...why am I putting these two together, aside from a certain desperation to get this project done with? They are both "iconic" shows from the late 70's/early 80's essentially built on the personal charisma of one actor/character, but in other ways soooooo different.

Rockford: Los Angeles. Laid back, somewhat hapless, private detective who tries to eschew violence and never seems to get paid. He's charming, but honestly a bit of a schlub AND doesn't really command fear or respect from his "side-kicks." I really hated Angel for always getting Jim in trouble and could never figure out why Jim put up with his bullshit. I loved the opening answering machine messages and of course that awesome Mike Post theme.

Kojak: New York. Gritty. Pretty damn violent for the time. Police drama, although not really procedural. When he starts barking out: "Crocker, Stavros!" Those guys were ON IT! Some of the endings were very bleak and I remember the closing renditions of "A Day In The Life of a Fool," as being kind of devastating.

I tend to think of Rockford as a mommy show and Kojak as a daddy. I'm sure I watched both of them although not necessarily every episode of each.

I shipped Rockford and Beth,(I remember an article, TV Guide maybe, that described Gretchen Corbett as a cross between Bambi and something or someone who I now can't remember...I think it might have been Lauren Bacall) but I really shipped James Garner and Mariette Hartley in those Polaroid commercials and I think one of my biggest disappointments was when they finally got Mariette as a guest star on Rockford and it kind of fizzled. It was like the chemistry didn't carry over or the writers couldn't figure out how to capitalize on it.

I don't think I particularly had a crush on Telly Savalas, but I definitely had one on Kevin Dobson as Crocker, leading to some major slashing of Greg/Mac when Knot's Landing came along.

I do have warm nostalgia for both, but the real reason I'm grouping them in this post is a memory issue. Stick with me here a minute folks.

Having not watched any episodes of either since original broadcast era, I had a little bit of dialogue stuck in my head. It was an African American actor calling Rockford "Rockfish." I've carried this idea in fleeting bits of my memory for over 30 years. I was convinced it was Rosey Grier playing a bounty hunter named Salathiel Harms. I would have SWORN to this in open court. Then for some reason I decided to use the awesome power of the interwebs to verify the spelling of the character's name in preparation for writing what I thought would be a Rockford only entry in this meme. Only to discover that yes, Rosey Grier did play a bounty hunter named Salathiel Harms....ON KOJAK!!! I have no memory of this character interacting with Kojak in any way.

Then it turned out that the actor/character I had in mine was Isaac Hayes playing a character called Gandalf Fitch, who was an ex-con, but NOT a bounty hunter.

Thus the connection creating this dual post.
Thus my need to finish this thing up before the rest of my memory completely evaporates.

Staycation almost over

Hubby and I actually had a week off at the same time, so we planned a week of doing stuff around town, where I could also accomplish some missions and go to Yoga every day.

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