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Bloody hot!

As in fucking miserable!

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Checking in

My presence here is diminishing rapidly.
or just look me up by name...IM to ask.
Twitter: karaokegalsf
I'm on Instagram, but mostly those are just food and puppy pix.
Pix are still being posted to my karaokegal account on FLicker as well.

Yes, I am planning to do Yuletide this year. No, I'm not doing any other fannish writing at the moment. (I got a query via Fanfic.Net.)

August 21-BRYAN FERRY!!!!! Not exactly how I pictured it, but I've got a ride and that's what matters. I got to learn a LOT about my character defects, especially what happens when I make decisions based on fear of not getting what I want.
August 25 will three years of employment at American Express and three years since my last binge.
Still hard-core paleo, LCHF, and still cray-cray. Currently dicking around with my macros again and still dreaming of ketosis, which is such a bad a idea for an orthorexic with an eating disorder. But not binging.

Up to step 7 in my 12 Step journey and isn't THAT a treat!

Practicing yoga 4-5 times per week.

It's been a year since Ireland. I wish we could have gone back this year. Such a great trip and the loveliest people in the world. Hubby is still playing the flute and doing quite well with in. He plays it in our local Irish music sessions and is more than able to hold his own.

You can find me at the Mint on Saturdays between 4-8, at least through the end of the year. Then we have a bid for shifts and I could end up with different days off.

One fandom note---In the wake of the new Doctor announcement, I decided to go back to the beginning of Peter Capaldi's doctoring. I had gotten SO livid after Kill the Moon, that I gave up on the whole thing in that manic, self-righteous, rage-aholic way I was known for at the time. I'm really trying to watch with full attention and an open heart. So far, so good. I might have missed some of the eps due to DVR fuckery AND it's such a pleasure to watch without BBCA commercials to zap through and the general butchering they impose on the viewing. My two biggest issues were the "message" of Kill The Moon and the anti-military bent, which I resented on behalf of my friend Ivan: Whovian, running-buddy, Marine.

Robot of Sherwood was much better than remembered and I loved Time Heist.

It's amazing how much more I enjoy things when I'm not pre-writing a snarky review as I watch.

About to start the disc with Kill the Moon on it.

100 TV Shows-#90-Time Team

Ten to go guys! I am going to finish this thing.

Time Team

Going from a show I will probably never finish watching to one where I can guarantee I've seen every seen every single episode including the specials. Or heard them all anyway.

Sometime back in the early 90's we watched whatever episodes were being shown on PBS or Discovery. I remember enjoying them in a vague way, but mostly being amused by the ugly sweaters.

Flash forward to about two years ago. I was desperately looking for something fun for me and hubby to watch on YouTube and I found a whole playlist of British documentaries. Mostly good stuff, including a slew of goodies with the delightful Lucy Worsley.

Included in the playlist were all the Time Team specials. With no commercials. We went through those and then decided we would watch the entire series from the beginning. It's all there on YouTube. Apparently Channel 4 is a lot cooler about people getting to watch their shows than our good friends at BBC. (I'm currently very annoyed at Auntie Beeb for pulling all the QI episodes.)

So we started watched them before we went to sleep at night...and then hubby got in the habit of leaving the playlists on as we went to sleep. It's still going on. Every night we're sleeping in the same bed, we put on the Ipad and listen to Time Team over and over and over. It's the most soothing thing in the world.

I love the voices, the snark, the hope, the disappointments, the Roman Temples that never show up, the cool history tidbits, the Yorkshire accents, the ugly sweaters and of course Tony.

Education, Entertainment and a soporific. What's not to love?

I just my night's sleep by how many trenches it takes me to fall asleep.
Some recent musings on my own short-comings.

Warnings: Spirituality, God, 12 Steps, Recovery. (Apologies to my atheist friends. This will probably not be your cup of Chai.)

As part of my recovery from compulsive overeating, I’ve set intentions to eliminate behaviors related to my binge-eating that go beyond the binging itself.

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100 tv shows-#89-New Tricks

Speaking of embarrassing...FIVE YEARS I'VE BEEN WORKING ON THIS MEME!!!! Holy shit. My whole life has changed since I started this. This morning my Yoga teacher was once again asking, "What's not serving you?" About a year ago that same question led me to cut off a lot of hair and have what was left dyed a much lighter color than the one I'd been sporting. Today it's got me wondering if it's worth it to get to the end of this thing, when it's pretty much only my ego that wants to keep going because I'll be embarrassed not to finish and honestly...is anybody still paying attention? Also is there anyone out there who started this meme when it first appeared and actually did finish?

New Tricks

I really like this show. I found it on Netflix while looking for more British Mysteries, hoping it would be more Midsomer/Morse/Lewis and less Frost/Luther/Life On Mars. Because I've learned that hubby will start noping out quickly if things are too dark and the characters aren't quirky/lovable.

The premise was interesting enough and the characters definitely quirky enough to get through the first series, although almost from the beginning, Hubby referred to it as "The Old Farts."

We made it through the first five series on DVD, but quirky just wasn't enough, especially when he arcs did get somewhat dark and kind of repetitive. It was definitely fun seeing a lot of the usual "only five actors in the UK" turn up in somewhat unusual roles and I loved how the theme song was SUCH a rip off of "End of the Line" by the Traveling Wilbury's. Also...I reallyreally wanted the UST between Gerry and Sandra to go somewhere. Clearly that was never going to happen, but Sandra's various failed relationships got to be a bad brick joke.

I also got really unhappy with the depiction of Brian's drug/alcohol addiction. (Will no TV show ever get this right?) The character himself and the acting was amazing, but the idea that his going back to AA because he knew he was on the verge of relapse was somehow a BAD thing really annoyed me.

So we finished up series 5...and the first disc of Series 6 arrived. And sat here for months. I kept mentioning to Hubby that we had it and he basically kept not expressing any interest.
The disc has gone back and I have a sneaking suspicion we're done and I'll never find out what happens...although I know eventually all the original guys leave anyway...just not the details, including which one dies. (That's not a spoiler, just a suspicion.)

Presumably, I could check Wiki and find all this out. I'm just not sure I care enough.

Kind of like finishing this meme.

Well that's embarrassing!

First of all, everything's fine! I had a lovely trip to Phoenix last week. The short version: Yes, it was hot! Two free hotels. Relaxing time with relatives. Floppy hat worn to protect alabaster skin. Two museums in two days might not have been the best action plan. WAY TOO SPREAD OUT!!! Gorgeous scenery. Yes, I stayed abstinent. I stayed about 98% sane, with one afternoon of getting a bit shirty when my blood sugar crashed and I got panic-stricken at the idea of not being able to get a "security blanket" piece of fruit. I managed to do Yoga AND Karaoke in one night. Hubby got to an Irish music session held at a Quaker Meeting House. Pictures to come as soon as I get all my devices and various apps synched.

Now the embarrassing bit:
I'm still trying to sell that extra Bryan Ferry ticket, preferably to someone who will convey to me to the concert and squeeeee with me throughout. At least that's the story going on in my head and I thought Craig's List was the way to find this person.

Instead I was contact via text (because I put my cell number in the ad...LIKE AN IDIOT) and someone offered me the price I was asking for the ticket. Even though they didn't give me a name and had really bad English and said they were not in the area, I just assumed it was some kind of dealer or scalper and OK, I wasn't thrilled, but was just corrupt enough to go for it.

THEN, the cashier's check (you all know where this going right?) arrived in the amount of (wait for it) $2000.10. And I was like what the fuckety, fucking fuck, but I still didn't get it.

I texted back asking "What's Up?" The English on the other end got even worse and was talking about my depositing the check IMMEDIATELY and giving the extra to the person who would pick up the ticket.

I know there are many, you should pardon the expression, devout atheists on what's left of my F-list, but at this point all the bells went off in my heart, head and gut. And I do call that voice Krishna, Ganesh, Shiva, Buddha, Jesus Motherfucking Christ, or Higher Power.

I fessed up to Hubby (again!) and told Mr. (or MS) Buyer that I wasn't comfortable with this and would only go through with the transaction as originally laid out. You buy the ticket. I send the ticket. I offered to send the check back and asked for the address...because I still thought it might be someone remotely wanted to buy the actual ticket. That's when the texts got super pushy, threatening, cajoling and I started reading about on-line scams, especially via Craig's List.

So, yeah, I dodged the bullet, but boy...it was close. I feel quite the fool on many levels and rather disappointed in the Universe and especially Craig's List, where I honestly thought I'd find someone to bond with my Bryan Love who would get a great deal on the concert in return for driving me.

My heart is a little broken, but my bank account is intact.

Of course I STILL need someone to buy the ticket, but I'm doing my best to turn it over to the Universe and trust that something will work out.

Another poem by Hafez.

This one was read to us on Wednesday by my Yoga teacher. It resonated with me BIG TIME!!!

And Applaud

Once a young man came to me and said,
"Dear Master,
I am feeling strong and brave today, And I would like to know the truth
About all of my-attachments."
And I replied,
Sweet Heart,
Do you really want me to speak to you
About all your attachments,
When I can see so clearly
You have built, with so much care,
Such a great brothel
To house all of your pleasures.
You have even surrounded the whole damn place
With armed guards and vicious dogs
To protect your desires
So that you can sneak away
From time to time
And try to squeeze light
Into your parched being
From a source as fruitful
As a dried date pit
That even a bird
Is wise enough to spit out.
Your attachments! My dear,
Let's not speak of those,
For Hafiz understands the sufferings
Of your heart.
Hafiz knows
The torments and the agonies
That every mind on the way to Annihilation in the Sun
Must endure.
So at night in my prayers I often stop
And ask a thousand angels to join in
And Applaud,
And Applaud
Anything in this world
That can bring your heart comfort!"


August 21
The Mountain Winery
Yummy Bryan


At first I thought there were no US dates and then no West Coast dates and then no Bay Area/Northern California dates. I spent a completely unseemly amount of money on two tickets, knowing my husband has no interest, so dear readers, if you know someone in my neck of the woods, who IS willing to pay a portion of an unseemly amount of money and spent time squeeing over Bryan Ferry with me, please put them in touch. I'm on Facebook and can be messaged that way. If you IM me through LJ, I'll get back to you. Some of you have my email. Don't be afraid to use it.

Velvet Bryan

Basically I put it up to the Universe and my form of prayer was to sing as many of the songs Bryan covered on his first solo album as possible at the Mint. Apparently it worked.

I'm also excited about seeing Krishna Das this month, but it ain't remotely in the same category of excitement.


Interestingly, my Bryan Ferry obsession predated and outlasted my Barrowmania phase. Still love John, but don't listen to his music on a regular basis or think of him much at all these days, except with a mixture of fondness for him and horror at myself for the depths I went to as a human being during that period.

In other news.

My 4th and 5th step are done.
Food abstinence now includes NOT eating or drinking while standing up.
Not being online, watching television, or reading while I eat. I'm allowed to listen to music or podcasts, but not do anything that requires engaging my vision and therefore being in denial that I'm actually eating.

I've purchased and started playing the Harmonium


I recently saw Donnie Darko for the first time. (Big Screen at the Roxie.) Good movie, but the Jake Gyllenhaal obsession of Fandom in general continues to elude me.

I haven't seen a contemporary (non-documentary) movie or TV show (except for more recent episodes of Midsomer Murders) in forever.

I am still doing compulsive shit, including spending an unseemly amount of money on Bryan Ferry tickets and not telling my husband beforehand. OOPS!

Smiling Bryan

100 tv shows-#88-Mannix

I have a feeling my last 12 posts to finish this project are going to be driven by the deaths of heroes and my acceptance of more shows that I'm giving up on. Somehow it is important to me get to 100, even if there are fewer people reading and I have less and less to say. It may be the last gasp of this blog at all. As part of the recovery process, I'm letting go of being online while eating, which takes away a LOT of the remaining time I've got to do this. There's a big post on the topic of What Do I Really Care About, or some such navel-gazing coming up soon. But that's not what we're here for today.

Mike Connors, Long-Running TV Sleuth in ‘Mannix,’ Dies at 91
(Yes, this happened two months ago.)


In putting this post together, I was surprised to see how long the show actually lasted and I can't remember if I was watching it all the way through. I'm positive I shipped Joe and Peggy, although I REALLY had a crush on Joe Mannix and lusted hard for his womanizing to be aimed in my pre-pubescent and adolescent direction. This HAD to be a show I watched with Mommy, so she must have been equally interested in Joe or Mr. Connors. I was very, very interested in Mr. Connors, although through all my way old-movie watching obsession days, I never actually got around to watching "Where Love Has Gone,". I read about it over and over, but somehow it was never on and even after VHS got big...just never did it.

What's even weirder is that aside from the womanizing, and the groovy turtlenecks, and the UST with Gail Fisher, I have no memory of actual plots. The episodes that I do remember watching are the ones from the first season when Joe worked for Intertect unlimited with those giant, clunky, state-of-the-art, punchcard spewing computers. And Joe Campanella...I think proto-fan me saw some interesting chemistry there as well.

So here's an interesting moment of cringe from the Chronicles of K-gal.

Details are vague, but the one important fact is that at my High School, the co-director of the school musicals was one Joyce Campanella. I think she was either a teacher or the school nurse. Joyce Campanella, it turned out, was the sister of Joseph Campanella, and he came to the final dress rehearsal of the Senior Musical of 1982-Grease. I was the assistant stage manager of said production, and Mr. Campanella was prominent enough that we were given an opportunity for some Q&A....given my little moment, I asked something about Mannix. I believe Mr. Campanella was a bit taken aback...and my fellow students gave me the "weirdo" look...not for the first or last time during my childhood.

I have fond, if vague memories of the show, especially that first season. I'd love to go back and see it again, but not with Hubby, just in case it's aged as badly as those groovy turtlenecks.


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