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The Rockford Files


I know what you're thinking...why am I putting these two together, aside from a certain desperation to get this project done with? They are both "iconic" shows from the late 70's/early 80's essentially built on the personal charisma of one actor/character, but in other ways soooooo different.

Rockford: Los Angeles. Laid back, somewhat hapless, private detective who tries to eschew violence and never seems to get paid. He's charming, but honestly a bit of a schlub AND doesn't really command fear or respect from his "side-kicks." I really hated Angel for always getting Jim in trouble and could never figure out why Jim put up with his bullshit. I loved the opening answering machine messages and of course that awesome Mike Post theme.

Kojak: New York. Gritty. Pretty damn violent for the time. Police drama, although not really procedural. When he starts barking out: "Crocker, Stavros!" Those guys were ON IT! Some of the endings were very bleak and I remember the closing renditions of "A Day In The Life of a Fool," as being kind of devastating.

I tend to think of Rockford as a mommy show and Kojak as a daddy. I'm sure I watched both of them although not necessarily every episode of each.

I shipped Rockford and Beth,(I remember an article, TV Guide maybe, that described Gretchen Corbett as a cross between Bambi and something or someone who I now can't remember...I think it might have been Lauren Bacall) but I really shipped James Garner and Mariette Hartley in those Polaroid commercials and I think one of my biggest disappointments was when they finally got Mariette as a guest star on Rockford and it kind of fizzled. It was like the chemistry didn't carry over or the writers couldn't figure out how to capitalize on it.

I don't think I particularly had a crush on Telly Savalas, but I definitely had one on Kevin Dobson as Crocker, leading to some major slashing of Greg/Mac when Knot's Landing came along.

I do have warm nostalgia for both, but the real reason I'm grouping them in this post is a memory issue. Stick with me here a minute folks.

Having not watched any episodes of either since original broadcast era, I had a little bit of dialogue stuck in my head. It was an African American actor calling Rockford "Rockfish." I've carried this idea in fleeting bits of my memory for over 30 years. I was convinced it was Rosey Grier playing a bounty hunter named Salathiel Harms. I would have SWORN to this in open court. Then for some reason I decided to use the awesome power of the interwebs to verify the spelling of the character's name in preparation for writing what I thought would be a Rockford only entry in this meme. Only to discover that yes, Rosey Grier did play a bounty hunter named Salathiel Harms....ON KOJAK!!! I have no memory of this character interacting with Kojak in any way.

Then it turned out that the actor/character I had in mine was Isaac Hayes playing a character called Gandalf Fitch, who was an ex-con, but NOT a bounty hunter.

Thus the connection creating this dual post.
Thus my need to finish this thing up before the rest of my memory completely evaporates.

Staycation almost over

Hubby and I actually had a week off at the same time, so we planned a week of doing stuff around town, where I could also accomplish some missions and go to Yoga every day.

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It’s a fine line...

Between being a dependable co-worker and just being codependent.


My birthday

More to the point, my 3rd birthday since I stopped binging.

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To whichever lovely person seems to be going through my old House/Chase fics. I had so much fun writing them and the deterioration of the later seasons didn't impact the dynamics of the ship very much IMAO. Good times.

Gratefully avoiding the creeping crud.

Hubby is sick. Coworkers have gotten it. Random strangers are sniffling and coughing. I'm maintaining my avoidance of foods that undermine my health, drinking bone broth, and doing my yoga, prayer, meditation, chanting and a few extra shot of apple cider vinegar. Trying to keep my ego out of the equation, which ain't easy, since as we know, I AM the center of the Universe.

I woke up this morning thinking I was already at yoga because I thought I smelled incense. That turned out to be the fires in Napa.

100 TV Shows-#91-The Galloping Gourmet

The Galloping Gourmet

I'm slightly confused on the time frame here. IMDB and Wiki tell me the original shows were produced in Canada from 1968 to 1972. That's me from 4 to 8. However, I'm pretty sure they were syndicated and shown in the US a few years after that, because I do remember watching this pretty vividly, so I'm guessing I would have seen them a few years into the 70's, since my earliest TV memories start around 1974. I think. Memory being the elusive thing that is.

LOVED THIS GUY! The drinking (LOL!), the jumping, the clothes, the side-burns. Apparently he was called "The Liberace of food" as thought that were a BAD THING!

I'm pretty sure I watched this in the afternoons and that is was being shown on channel 13, WNET-i.e. PBS. Maybe right after or before The French Chef? (Any of my fellow New Yorkers from that time remember this?)

He just made it all seem so fun and maybe made me want to try a bit of cooking myself in a way that Julia Child did not.

I know he's renounced the show, both for the drinking and the "unhealthy" food. These days I'd be down with most of the butter, but less so with the carbs, although I know food fashions change and everyone has to find their own path, both in food and God. (She says while giving a vigorous side-eye to anyone still pushing Low Fat/High Carb.)

Anyway, thanks Graham for the fun and the memories.

Dear Yuletide Writer.

Another year, another Yuletide!

Hello lovely writer. Thank you for offering whichever fandom we matched on. I'm passionate about all the characters I've requested and will be thrilled with any fic you're inspired to create.

Things I hate: AU, MPREG. Not crazy about cross-overs unless otherwise noted.
Please no A/B/O/Omegaverse/knotting or associated aspects, tropes etc.

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Bloody hot!

As in fucking miserable!

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